Terms and Conditions about the usage of the package

By purchasing the package I fully understand and agree the following Terms and Conditions

(1) I  will receive the copy of this agreed terms and conditions when I visit the studio during my next visit. 

(2) I understand that I must show my Anahata Yoga Card on every visit and allow the staff of Anahata Yoga to take my photograph to put in the system for verification of identity.

(3) PREPAID MEMBERSHIP I understand my prepaid membership is valid as stated in the package terms and conditions in the event that I use a Bank Instalment plan to settle the payment with Anahata Yoga, I understand that the terms and conditions of such instalment plan are directly between me and my bank. I agree that I will not terminate the instalment before fully paying off the instalments.

(4) MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP I have purchased a Monthly Committed Autopay Package for a minimum of twelve (12) months and I am committed to paying for twelve (12) months on autopay. I understand that after these twelve (12) months, I will be billed monthly on autopay until I cancel my Agreement by completing a Termination Form to be processed by Anahata Yoga. I understand if I use my credit card as monthly payment and should my credit card expire or be rejected, I will proactively pay Anahata Yoga any outstanding amount due.

(5) Termination Policy The cancellation of my autopay after the contract minimum requirements, requires me to give Anahata Yoga a written request ten (10) days before my regular autopay billing date. All termination must be processed by completing a Termination Form at Anahata Yoga. If Anahata Yoga has not received your completed Termination Form, my contract will automatically continue after the minimum term period and my account will automatically be charged every month.

(6) Suspension Policy I am aware that suspension of my membership MUST be applied for online by completing a form. It must be applied for in advance by giving at least fourteen day notice. The suspension period is a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months per annual membership. There is an administrative fee of HK$200 per month. For suspension due to sickness, a Medical Certificate must be provided as proof. This is to be submitted together with the form when requesting the suspension with Anahata Yoga. There is an administrative fee of HK$200 per month. For medical suspension in excess of 15 days, proof of ongoing doctor visits, treatments such as physio or chiro must be submitted together with the suspension request.

(7) The studio reserves the right to conduct classes online in the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from conducting physical classes at the studio including but not limited to social unrest, natural disasters, government directives or any other events that render the studio unsuitable for the classes to be conducted at the studio.

(8) Class bookings and cancellations I understand and agree that if I book a class and cannot attend, I must cancel at least three hours in advance. Otherwise my booking privileges will be suspended under the terms and conditions. Anahata Yoga has informed me these policies might change from time to time and that members will be informed accordingly. For group class coupon packages, once a class is booked, a coupon will be deducted unless cancelled at least three hours in advance. The studio reserves the right to charge and I agree to pay HK$200 per late cancellation or no shows subsequent to two or more late cancellations or no shows a month.

(9) Locker I understand that the use of the Day Locker is for during the time I attend the class at Anahata Yoga only. I agree to return the Day Locker key prior to leaving the Anahata Yoga premise and not to keep my belongings there after I have left the premise.

 (10) Private class bookings I agree to use WhatsApp group to book, confirm or modify all private class bookings. I am aware of the 3 hour cancellation policy.

(11)  Private class availabilities I understand and agree that the availability of time slot of the private classes and the Instructors may change without notice due to scheduling restrictions. As such, I understand and agree to do the class with another available teacher. I understand and agree that private class packages are not given suspension whatsoever. I understand and agree that private class package expiry cannot be extended whatsoever. I understand and agree not to solicit teacher of the studio to teach at home or outside of the studio.

Waiver and release 

I have read all the key points in this page and understand and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned here and the agreement that are relevant to my package.