Extreme weather policy

Typhoon 8 weather / Black Rainstorm announcement and class arrangements

Studio Group/ Andiappan Yoga Classes / Private Classes

If the typhoon 8 signal / Black Rainstorm is hoisted  during the day, we will stop all the studio classes when the signal is in enforced.

If the typhoon 8 signal / Black rainstorm is hoisted in the morning before the opening of the studio, the classes will resume 2 hrs  after the signal is lowered.

Once the T8 is hoisted all studio group classes will be cancelled and the members who are booked for the classes will also be early cancelled (class credit will be reversed).

Online / Live stream : Schedule will be updated with online classes and students can book and attend the online classes. Online class links will be sent to the students via email 30 mins before the class. Booking made for the online classes will not be reversed and late and early cancellation policy will apply. 

Students can book online classes as usual. Please refer to our class schedule https://www.anahatayoga.com.hk/schedule/  for the online classes schedule.

The online booking for the classes opens at 9 am, so if you wish to book an online class which starts before 9 am, make sure to book before 11.59 pm the night before. Mindbody’s app or schedule page allow cancellations at any time according to the cancellation policy.

Private Classes

Students can choose to do online private classes. Please book it through the Private Class WhatsApp Group.

All private classes will be early cancelled (your private class credit will be reversed) once the typhoon signal 8 is hoisted.

Private class members can just inform in the private whatsapp group if they wish to cancel earlier.

Teacher Training Classes

All the teacher training Classes will be conducted online. Please refer to the teacher training student portal for the online class link and course manual / notes download.

Please note if the Typhoon 8 / Black Rain signal is lowered after 4 pm the studio classes will remain cancelled for the rest of the day but online classes will run as per the schedule.

Please checkout our face book page  or call the studio 29051822 and press 4 to check with the frontdesk staff if you plan to visit the studio for a class once the T8 / Black Rain Signal is lowered.

Two hours after the extreme weather signal is lowered, our reception staff will be able to answer phone calls.