COVID-19 Safety Measures Update

Annoucement made by the government on 28 December 2022

Dear members,

We are pleased to inform you that the Government has lifted the vaccination vertification QR code scanning procedures.  The government announced that effective 29 December 2022, the vaccine pass is no longer required. Please note, mask is still required except when having a shower, practicing inside the studio.

Announcement regarding  mask free classes.

We are pleased to inform you that the Government has lifted the mask requirement for indoor exercising which include yoga studios effective May 19th, 2022.  Anahata Yoga has implemented all necessary measures to comply with these guidelines.

The mats are placed as per the government guidelines with tape markings on the floor. Members are requested not to move the mats and follow the covid safety measures.

Students have the option not to wear masks should they wish and also welcome to keep the mask on if they wish. It is compulsory to wear masks outside the studio premise except when showering.

Please note all members must signin at the 20/F reception for all classes and scan the leave home safe app and verify the vaccine records before entering the studio. Members who do not follow the covid measures safety guidelines will be asked to leave the studio immediatly without any refund.

Vaccination QR Code Scanning  with Leave Home Safe App

On 8th August 2022 Hong Kong Government issued the new update COVID QR code verfiication policy

According to government policy, only QR code holders with blue QR codes are allowed to enter the studio premises and attend studio classes.

A person who falls under the categories of Red Code or Amber Code is prohibited from entering the studio premises regulated under Cap 599F. Members are expected to wait until they are cleared under the Blue Code before visiting the studio. 

The rest of the check-in procedures remain the same. Please ensure your LeaveHomeSafe app is updated to version 3.4.0 to access your coloured Vaccines Pass QR code in the Vaccination Record Section.

All members are kindly requested to cooperate with our staff who are implementing this government mandated policy.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Anahata Yoga Team