Class Suggestion

For those who’ve never done yoga before and who don’t regularly exercise: Those who do regular exercise such as running, swimming, and going to the gym: Regular yoga practitioners with over a year’s experience will enjoy: If you’re after a cardio workout for slimming and Detox purposes, you’ll like: To relieve stress and tension and improve sleep, we recommend:
Yoga Therapy Hatha Yoga (B) Sun Vinyasa Slimming Yoga Destress Yoga
Back Care Yoga Core Yoga Hatha Yoga (B) Power Yoga (B) Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga Slimming Yoga Power Yoga (B) Sun Vinyasa Pranayama Meditation
Restorative Yoga Hatha Vinyasa Core Yoga Power Flow Hatha Yoga (B)
Destress Yoga Power Yoga (B) Inverse Yoga Core Yoga Yin Yoga
Andiappan Yoga – Pavanamuktasana Series Yin Yoga Andiappan Yoga – Theme Practice Detox Yoga Back Care Yoga
Pranayama and Meditation Yoga Balance (B) Hatha Yoga (M) Hatha Flow Yoga Therapy