Private Class Package Usage Terms and Policy

Private class bookings
Members agree to use WhatsApp group to book, confirm or modify all private class bookings. Members am aware of the 3 hour cancellation policy.

Private class availabilities
Members understand and agree that the availability of time slots of the private classes and the Instructors may change without notice due to scheduling restrictions. As such, Members understand and agree to do the class with another available teacher.
Members understand and agree that private class packages are not given suspension whatsoever.
Members understand and agree that private class package expiry cannot be extended whatsoever.
Members understand and agree not to solicit teachers of the studio to teach at home or outside of the studio.

Private Class members Bookings policy
(a) If members are absent or late cancels twice in 14 days, then subsequent classes can be only booked for one hour before the class with any available teachers
(b) If members wish to book more than two hours private, it will require management approval
(c) Under no circumstances will private studios be pre booked or blocked for any members including VIP members. Studios are assigned on the based on availability
(d) If members late cancels for more than two hours in a month, a penalty of HKD 350 per cancellation hour which will need to be paid BEFORE the next private booking can be made

To avoid any dispute, any promotions, offers, discounts, special privileges or arrangements must be clearly written and stated in the contract. Any purported agree ments/promise including but not limited to verbal and other means of communication made by the staff and not written in the contract will not be binding. Any disputes arising thereof will be subject to the final decision of Anahata Yoga Ltd.

Please remember to book/modify/ cancel your private class booking through our official WhatsApp account during studio opening hours.

In the event that you need to cancel your scheduled private class, please notify the Anahata official Private WhatsApp group in advance.

For classes, after 10 am, please notify at least 3 hours before the class starts on the same day.

For early morning classes (7 am – 10 am), please notify before 10 pm the prior day (weekdays) or before 7 pm (if the prior day is a weekend or public holiday).

Failure to do so will result in late cancellation and your package will be deducted.