Corona Virus precautionary measures at Anahata Yoga

Dear Members,

It has come to our attention that someone who worked on the 15/F office of the building has tested positive to Covid-19.  He has since been admitted to hospital for treatment as required by the Department of Health.  

As per the discussion with the building management, It is important to note that the office where the person worked has put in place work from home policy, he has been working from home since the Chinese New Year holiday.  He has only been to the office to pick up some documents twice and stayed for less than half an hour each time. He was also wearing a mask on both occasions when he came to the building. The 15/F office continues to be closed and will be so at least for the next fourteen days.

However, as a safety precaution, every studio in Anahata Yoga, the changing  rooms, and all public areas such as the reception area have been and continue to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  The building management has also confirmed thorough cleaning of all public areas including the lobby area, all the lifts, corridors, toilets and all floor drains from 26th Feb 2020.  

All the public areas of Anahata Yoga including reception, toilets, changing rooms, lift area and buttons will be sanitized every hour as an extra precaution.

You can wear a mask during the class.  Please use the alcohol disinfectant available in each studio.

Lastly, please be reminded to maintain good personal hygiene at all times as a precautionary measure and good practice in general. Please refrain from coming to class if you are feeling unwell. 

Please be rest assured that all precautionary measures are in full force at our studio. 

Your understanding, cooperation and support on this matter is highly appreciated.


Anahata Yoga Team