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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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The YTT program brought me a lot: I not only learnt about yoga philosophy, how to do the asanas properly, meditation methods, etc. but also met an incredible community. The Masters are very seasoned and passionate. I will recommend the course to my friends who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher.
Student ID : 2021000228

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The teachers are eager to teach and experienced. I am grateful for all their dedication and especially thankful for teaching us different poses. The content is well organized and focuses on both theory and practical, with plenty of examples and practices which are very useful. Overall, I consider this a great course, with great instructors and I would recommend it to anyone!
Student ID : 2021000172

The YTT course is an amazing experience that we learn so much from different masters of different modules. Not only learning the practical knowledge but also the mental side. Though we have some times doing in ZOOM due to the COVID, I am still grateful to have learned this amazing course.
Student ID : 2020000760

I am to know more about the history of Yoga, what is yoga and how Yoga bring us a more healthy mind and body. It is a nice experience here to have such a place to provide all the knowledge I want to know. The master are all very experienced on everything about Yoga, I learn so much from them.
Student ID : 2021000158

The Masters are professional and teach with heart and patience that inspire me in learning yoga. I think I now have more confidence to learn and go further. Yoga is not just good for our bodies but also good for our minds. Let's have a try!
Student ID : 2020001230

I loved the course, the teachers have a lot of experience, empathy, patience, willing to teach everything they know. They always teach variations of the poses for people who cannot do the final pose, explain what each pose is for, and even the spiritual and energetic part of the poses. Some teachers are very happy and transmit this happiness to the students, others have an inner peace that makes them transparent and makes us feel very comfortable as if we were family. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to know a little more about how we work and how we can improve and grow old with grace, with pleasure, with growth. Thank you for all your support and love. Laura
Student ID : 2020001388

It was a good comprehensive course. The class size is just right. Have learned so much from the pranayama and anatomy modules and they were a good mix of fun, practical experience, as well as theory. The asana module can include more content, sequencing and teaching techniques. It was good overall and a good experience.
Student ID : 2021000151

It is an incredible journey to discover ourselves as individuals and as part of a community. I feel my body changing every day practicing yoga and it helps me so much with the lower back pain issues that I used to have. I have so much to learn yet and I feel super lucky to have the opportunities to meet all masters in Anahata Yoga Studio.
Student ID : 2020001220

I was doing the course during the pandemic and we had to start the theory topics of the course by zoom virtual class. Luckily we could go back to class for the practical part and learn the poses from master Keshav, it helps a lot to understand the poses, as well as doing the right alignment. It's also great to be with my classmates, we can learn and motivate each other. Really hope that one day we can advanced yoga teacher training courses to broaden our understanding of yoga and learn from more experts.
Student ID : 2020001133

I have been learning yoga intermittently. Until 2020, when I do yoga more regularly, I find that I like the feeling of stretching more and more. I decided to enroll in your school's YTT200HOURS course after a friend's recommendation. I learned more about the history of yoga and have a deeper experience of breathing exercises. I especially enjoyed the Andiappan Yoga class. Masters have a deeper focus on the stretching of various parts of the body and the students have time to ask questions. I hope to continue the study in this place.
Student ID : 2020001247

I very much enjoyed the teacher training and the learning various details about Yoga Anatomy Module and Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha Module, asana and teaching technique which very useful for my practice. Thank you all the masters.
Student ID : 2020001355

I learned a lot in this teacher training. As in a yoga class, it usually puts more focus on asana practice. In teacher training, I learned more about pranayama, meditation, and how to prepare your body for a pose.
Student ID : 2020001377

I am very glad that I joined the 200 hours YTT in Anahata Yoga. It is the best decision that I have made for my life. Yoga is more than I had imagined. The anatomy of our body, different posture (Asana), breathing technique (pranayama), mediation. Especially the Andiappan Yoga classes which allow us to have self-practice at our own pace with the assistance and supervision of different masters. The masters are very knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. Thank you all.
Student ID : 2020001069

I am very glad that I joined the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Anahata Yoga. The Yoga masters are experienced, professional, and helpful. Through the course, I gained a better understanding of yoga’s philosophy and history. I also learned the anatomy of our body, different yoga postures (Asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), mediation. I especially like the Andiappan Yoga classes which allow us to have self-practice at our own pace with the assistance and supervision of different masters. I highly recommend this 200 hours YTT course. This course provides the fundamental and in-depth knowledge for preparing someone who would like to be a yoga teacher in the future.
Student ID : 2021000101

Masters are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, we had a better and a clear understanding of what is yoga and had a great time learning to be a yoga teacher. Thank you!
Student ID : 2020000908

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