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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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The course is well structured with modules on different topics, which help us understand yoga much better (before this class, my understanding of yoga only limits to the level of asanas only). All masters taught very well, despite there is insufficient time to cover the substantive knowledge about yoga. Despite this, I thought the course did give me some inspirations on what yoga is about and how I should pursue further. I appreciate the limitation of sudden change to online teaching mode due to COVID-19 restriction and it also inspired me to think about the difference between teaching in studio and teaching online. All in all, thank you for the preparation and efforts.
Student ID : 2019001925

Teacher had great patience and explained the poses and anatomy clearly. Though the classes were conducted through zoom, there were a lot of interactions between teachers and students.
Student ID : 2020000592

Thank you anahata masters for all the heartfelt teaching and sharing.
Student ID : 2020000097

During this 200hrs YTT course, this course gave me more discipline and precision in my practice. I really enjoyed my YTT journey with Anahata Yoga. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested to deepen their yoga journey.
Student ID : 2019001408

I really enjoyed learning both the theory and practical aspects of yoga from the Masters at Anahata. They were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the program. Just disappointed that the kriyas were taught but understand the course limitations due to covid. Would be great if and additional session was given on teaching techniques and adjustments in person once the studios re-open fully as this was missed due to the asana part of the course being online.
Student ID : 2020000612

It is a splendid experience to begin my yoga journey in Anahata Yoga. All yoga masters are very professional, helpful and kind. They are all very open to questions and take care of our feelings. They explain every question in detail.
Student ID : 2020000587

My learning experience of the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course has been great overall. The yoga masters at Anahata are very knowledgable and experienced and I have definitely deepened my knowledge and practice in yoga throughout the course.
Student ID : 2020000150

This YTT 200 hr have changed the way I think about yoga completely. Through this learning learnt and experienced Yoga in different way such as asana practice , meditation and yoga theory . It taught me breath control , mind control and asana control are connect all in one process . It also make me realize that Yoga is self -practice , self- control and self concentrate . It 's about you how to connect with your body through asana practice and explore various limitations of our body and mind. It's about you how to connect with your mind though meditation . i will recommend this training to anyone who want deepen their yoga journey . Thank you , all Masters from Anahata,
Student ID : 2020000629

The YTT classes are good and very informative. All the masters are nice and passionate in their teaching.
Student ID : 2020000036

Despite the covid situation, the learning experience was dense but very interesting. I personnally went in a deeper understanding on what is yoga, how to approach the asanas, how to guide the beginners to this new learning path. I would like to suggest a small library area in the studio where we can find the recommended readings we learnt in the classes so that we can make some researches. Thank you for the studio for this experience!
Student ID : 2020000250

This course has enabled me to learn more about the approach and alignment of different yoga pose, as well as the breathing techniques during the practice of yoga. Furthermore, the course has provided me with the opportunity to try different kinds of yoga, from meditation, hatha yoga and to more vigorous one, say ashtanga yoga. I have also found myself more falling in love with yoga after taking this course. Overall, it is a good experience and learning for me.
Student ID : 2019001927

Thanks for the guidance from all the masters who taught me know more in-depth yoga knowledge, some classes are arranged online due to COVID, although it will be useful if more studio classes can be arranged during the YTT so that more hands-on experience can be obtained to teach.thank you .
Student ID : 2020000626

Although it is such a pandemic period, I am still glad that I have finished the course. I have learnt more about yoga, not just only on asana, but more on theory, which helps deepening skills. We may go through a lot of difficulties, especially on the online part, as there are constraints on internet. Masters are all so knowledge, they are all very kind to share the experience to us. Thank you all Masters, Master Yogananth, Master Vishnu, Master Mahesh, and special credits to Master Raja, he does a very good coaching.
Student ID : 2020000610

YTT class is great even we were experiencing the difficulties in the social distance control. We have our class online and the Masters were trying their best to demonstrate the poses they want to know let us know. In class lesson are great, especially the alignment class that can teach you the proper pose you should do and be aware of. Also, the subsequent support with the yoga with charity is the thing I am looking for, as you can practice the yoga training by giving helps to social needy. I am looking forward to every single lesson with different master in the Anahata and wish I can teach what I have learnt in the Anahatha and teach it in the yoga community.
Student ID : 2020000600

This is a well-structured course, students should learn about the yoga essentials including its history, theories, energy etc. I am waiting for the centre to open after this temporarily closure and hope to interact with the teachers more.
Student ID : 2020000598

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