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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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YTT 200 at Anahata was so pleasant experience and teachers are really nice and kind and try to help me for all and always. -Special thanks to Raja, Mahesh and Dillip to help and kind and thoughtful teaching -Moreover, all other staffs were trying to be more efficiently help us during the COVID-19 situations; Really appreciate. -Hopefully, the studio will be re-opened asap and I can enjoy face-to-face classes again. Thank you so much to all Anahata masters and staffs.
Student ID : 2020001291

It was a good learning experience to get good foundations of the basic yogic principles.
Student ID : 2020001188

Masters are very knowledgeable in teaching traditional form of Asanas. They are very supportive to provide feedback and guidance upon enquiry. I am glad Anahata hosted the first full time classes. This intensive 2.5 weeks of training was a very good experience for me to deeply focus on the learning the foundation. It gave me a new perspective on living a yoga life. Full time classes may not be the ideal option for someone who wants to take time to practice the Asanas gradually and have time for revision on the course documents. Part-time classes would be a better option. The classes were first happening in the studio. In the last few days of the training, we had to continue the classes online due to government's mandatory social distancing measures against Covid-19. The class management could have been better in terms of assigning the teacher's schedule. The classes from Master Yogananth were replaced by other Masters. The Reception staff are very helpful in terms of explaining the course content and assisting the class bookings.
Student ID : 2020001168

The course is great and it can improve my yoga knowledge.
Student ID : 2020001162

I am an Osteopath, specialising in Women's Health and Paediatrics - incorporating new skills to help expectant mothers in their pregnancy journey is initially my goal. I remember when I arrived to HK, 2 years ago, going to a yoga class and meeting a few people who had been practicing yoga for years and how it is implemented in their every day life routine - I was quite surprised of how many yoga studios was available in HK and how the general population praise it. I practiced yoga in the past and always enjoyed, not the class itself, but how it made me feel mentally and physically immediately after the class. I always use to drag myself to yoga classes at first, I didn't really enjoy it, I use to find it pretty boring - until I actually develop a sense of wholesomeness and strength during the practice. From there on learning about yoga and how to practice yoga was an objective. My learning experience of this course - I would describe it as efficient and productive. I am very satisfied with the teaching and amazing skills in yoga of the masters that provided the course. I would have liked to spend more time practicing sequences for prenatal yoga during the evening sessions and experience feedback. I highly enjoyed going through and learning about Yoga Nidra - practicing and understanding. I personally think that practice makes the difference in becoming a good yoga teacher. Additionally, the course gave me a good recapitulative picture of what happens and the challenges expectant mother faces during their pregnancy - as I am a healthcare practitioner I have studied pregnancy for some time now, but I enjoyed going through things again. The content of the workbook is very thorough and complete. Overall, I am very satisfied to have done this course and I can't wait to improve my skills in yoga and translate it to women to help and support them through, hopefully, a healthy and happy pregnancy.
Student ID : 2020001186

This is an amazing experience for me. Masters are very friendly, patient and helpful, they all have very good teaching technique. This course allow me to have deeply knowledge in yoga. I learn how to practice by myself, and how to teach basic postures, also the benefits of each posture, breathing techniques, yoga history.... Thank you so much!
Student ID : 2020001187

Very informative elaborate course and I did learn a lot from all the masters especially Master Raja. All the staff had made their great effort to ensure the class was conducted smoothly under tough COVID situation too. Thanks again!
Student ID : 2020001238

Very good course and teachers! I wish to have been more onsite, but with the current COVID measures the studio provided the option to attend the classes via online which is very good. Some topics covered during the class were given by the teacher during the class. Thanks
Student ID : 2020000191

I learned so much about Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Chakra, Yoga practice during pregnancy, yoga for elderly yoga and Anatomy. So facinating. Thank you all Masters and Anahata Yoga School
Student ID : 2019001803

I really enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot. Teachers were extremely knowledgeable and were able to pass their knowledge. The atmosphere was super pleasant and warm. Finally, other participants were great, we really connected and we were supporting each other. Thank you Anahata!
Student ID : 2019000509

- Increased my knowledge of human body, raise my awareness of my body when practicing yoga. - Learnt the different asana series, help to solve different issues of the body. Found out that many of the series are easy to do and suitable for everyone. - Increase the knowledge of meditation, including Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha. - After learning about Ayurveda, I know more about what diet and lifestyle are suitable for different people - I wish the course could have taught me more on how to improve our teaching skills, how to help students in achieving different poses.
Student ID : 2020000668

The course allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the history and origin of yoga and tap into the more spiritual aspect of it through meditation and pranayama practices with Master Dhiraj. Master Yogananth, Vishnu and Mahesh were extremely patient and detailed in explaining to us the anatomy and approaches to different yoga postures which helped prepare us to teach in the future. While it was difficult to get up early for the Andiappan classes in the morning, they allowed me to gain insights on how to sequence classes focusing on particular body parts learning from other Masters such as Master Raja and Master Keshav. All the Masters were very encouraging and passionate with teaching. I have been truly inspired by them and by my classmates, many have become my good friends as we continue to embark on our life-long yoga journey.
Student ID : 2020000145

The course has built a foundation in my yoga journey and opened a whole new world for me. I have learned that posture is just one part of yoga practice, and there are many other physical and mental perspectives. The masters at Anahata are extremely helpful and patient, guiding us through their rich experience and a systematic way of progression. They also have good sense of humor, and we never thought that the training course could be so much fun.
Student ID : 2020000822

I feel like having more in-depth knowledge of yoga. Not just as an exercise but as a means of learning the theories of self healing and anatomies of the body which assists in self healing. The instructors have been nice and has created a fun learning environment and I'd wished we had more practical sessions to develop better postures through yoga movements.
Student ID : 2020000971

Masters are excellent! The email subject "our Assignment for Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course" is very important. The important email should resend or confirmed that all people got them to avoid any missing. 2020 is hard time. Not easy to run under Covid-19, esp. under the policy changes of Gov't. Thank you for Anahata and all staff!
Student ID : 2020000957

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