What is the advantage of joining RYT500 courses at Anahata Yoga?

Anahata Yoga has been offering different teacher training courses in Hong Kong since 2008. We were one of the first to introduce accredited teacher training courses in the city. Joining the RYT500 courses at Anahata Yoga has many benefits for people who want to become yoga teachers or deepen their knowledge and teaching skills. Here are some key advantages:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Anahata Yoga’s RYT500 courses cover a wide range of topics, including traditional yoga teachings, modern insights, philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methods. Our courses are recognized and accredited by respected organizations like Andiappan Yoga Education and Research Trust, India, Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Academy, Andiappan Yoga Community, and others. Our school is accredited by Indian Yoga Federation, India and Vedic Wellness University, USA.

Practical Teaching Experience:

These yoga courses focuses on practical teaching skills, giving students the opportunity to practice teaching in a supportive environment. In our school, Andiappan Yoga classes which are part of the teacher training courses hours are unique because instructors guide students more traditionally. You can ask questions from the teacher training syllabus, and you can get guidance from the teacher to clarify any doubts about your practice. You can make many breakthroughs in your yoga practice. You will learn how to develop a sequence for self-practice that you can do at home or while traveling. The ability to put together a sequence to help someone achieve their goals while considering their limitations will prove invaluable when you begin teaching.  This hands-on experience helps aspiring yoga teachers gain confidence and refine their teaching abilities.

Experienced and Qualified Instructors:

The faculty team represent great yoga lineage dedicated to the practice, research and teaching of Yoga. To them, Yoga is beyond what they do for a living, it is a way of life. Yoga Instructors at Anahata Yoga are all extremely qualified with deep knowledge of Yoga as well as immense teaching experience which you can trust. They provide guidance, mentorship, and personalized attention to help students grow and develop as skilled yoga teachers.

Accreditation and Recognition:

The collaboration with esteemed organizations in the yoga field, ensuring that our courses meet high standards  This accreditation opens up opportunities for professional growth and recognition within the yoga community.

Completing the RYT500 courses at Anahata Yoga allows you to become a registered yoga teacher at the 500-hour level, which is recognized internationally.

Continuing Education and Professional Development:

By completing the RYT500 program at Anahata Yoga, students become registered teachers at the 500-hour level, opening up opportunities for professional growth and recognition in the global yoga community. The program also provides a solid foundation for individuals interested in further specialization and continuing education in specific areas of yoga. During and after the study of the course you can register as a assisting and teaching volunteer and start developing your teaching skills at Andiappan Yoga Community (NGO)

Joining the RYT500 courses at Anahata Yoga not only equips students with teaching skills but also fosters personal growth, deepens their practice, and enhances their understanding of yoga’s transformative  and healing benefits.