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Starting Self Practice classes.

We want to make sure you get the best yoga learning experience possible so you can apply this learning in your practice as life long journey. Our teacher training course is unique as it is taught by few teachers who come from various yoga traditions and lineages. This approach of learning is important to understand how yoga is very different in the approach but the end goal is the same. Andiappan Yoga YTT classes are specifically designed for ongoing yoga YTT students, while there are also other regular Andiappan yoga classes that are open to both ongoing ytt students and annual package members (booked as per the membership privileges).

You get to learn so much information during the training but to apply it in your practice under the guidance of the teacher is the key learning of this teacher training.

We recommend you keep regular practice right from the beginning of the course in both online and onsite classes as it gives you flexibility in timing and the type of classes you choose.

Try to attend the classes with different teachers with different types and different levels to know various approaches to yoga and how it is sequenced as per the type and the level of the class.

Pay attention when the teacher highlights the anatomical movement of the pose and if you have any doubts ask the teacher after the class.

See how the poses are sequenced in each class and how the poses and counterposes are done to bring balance to the body and mind.

Whenever there is an opportunity to interact with the teacher ask your doubts about the practice and get expert recommendations about which classes to attend regularly to see consistent progress in your practice.

Start visiting the Andiapapan Yoga Community Projects and see how the classes are conducted to various groups as per their needs and goals.  More details about this projects will be discussed during the teacher training course.

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