Yoga Packages

No Show /Late Cancellation Suspension Fee (Admin Fees)

  • This payment is for the late cancellation and no-show

  • Please note this cancellation policy applies to all the members of the studio without any exception.

  • To be fair to all members please be considerate in booking and cancelling the class before the late cancellation time period.

  • This payment cannot be refunded.

  • In case of dispute Anahata Yoga Limited's decision is final.

Original Price  :  350.00 HKD
Online Price  :  350.00 HKD
The purchase of group/private classes packages is exclusive for online purchase only. Special offers are available to new members only. We also offer various monthly / short-term/medium term and long-term plans. Please visit our studio to signup other packages that may suit your need and schedule.

All group/private class packages validity starts from the date of purchase.

Once the payment is made, this purchase cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or shared.

The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, course dates or instructors without any notice.