Yoga Packages

Assessment Class Retake Admin Fee (Admin Fees)

All students must complete the practical assessment to get certified. If a student fail to attend  or complete the practical assessment on the given assessment date he/she will have to apply with a valid reason and supporting documents  to be assigned to another batch and complete the assessment process.

This request must be made before the assessment date  with the payment of admin fee HKD 500. If the student fails to apply and complete the assessment process within three months from the course end date he/she will be considered as a drop out from the course.

After the payment the course manager will contact you to assign for another batch to complete the assessment process.

To pay through bank transfer please refer to the Bank Account Details: HSBC Account Number : 400 565 560 001, Anahata Yoga Limited. You can also do the transfer by FPS to this number 56148323 (Anahata Yoga Business WhatsApp account number). Once the transfer is done please send the transfer confirm acknowledgement by WhatsApp to +852 5614 8323 or email

Online Price  :  500.00 HKD
The purchase of group/private classes packages is exclusive for online purchase only. Special offers are available to new members only. We also offer various monthly / short-term/medium term and long-term plans. Please visit our studio to signup other packages that may suit your need and schedule.

All group/private class packages validity starts from the date of purchase.

Once the payment is made, this purchase cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or shared.

The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, course dates or instructors without any notice.