200-hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course Level 1& Level 2 (Mon, Wed & Fri Morning) - [ 12th April 2023 ~ 09th June 2023]

Anahata Yoga’s Modular Programme

Busy Hong Kong professionals now have the option of undergoing yoga teacher training at their own pace and in their own schedule. Available for the first time in Hong Kong, Anahata Yoga now applies a modular system to its entire yoga teacher training programmes. This will allow yoga practitioners with busy schedules to enroll only in one (or more) of the series of classes of their choice – without having to enroll in the teacher training in one go.

Students will receive a participation certificate after completing a module. Those who have completed the total number of modules within a two-year period and have successfully passed other requirements may then obtain the Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, which signifies their completion of the entire course.

Flexible options for enrolling in the Advanced Teacher Training Course – (per session/modular or the full course)

Attend per session for Advanced YTT classes – (suitable for busy individuals who would like to attend the training but have timing issue and do not require certification)


Attend 3 sessions per module & receive module completion letter – (suitable for those who wish to complete the Teacher Training in a flexible modular format)

How to ENROL?

Upon successful completion of 1 full module, a modular completion letter will be issued. You can complete all 8 modules of the 200-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course within two years.

  • There will be no certification issued or completion letter for attending one session.
  • 200 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate will be issued after the completion of all the modules in Level 1 and Level 2 (total 8 modules).
  • If you complete 4 modules (100 hours), you can add the hours to the YACEP hours if are have already completed any 200 RYT courses and registered as RYT200.
  • You can either choose to attend one session or choose one full module.
  • Teachers may change without any prior notice.
  • Once confirmed with payment for a session or modules, there can be no refund or changes.
  • Classes and modules spaces are limited per batch.
  • Fees, once paid, cannot be refunded or transferred for whatever reason.
  • The company reserves the right to change the dates of the training without prior notice should there be any unforeseable event such as black rain or T8.  The student who have signed up for a session / module may choose to use the credit for another session / module.
If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.