Teacher Training Students – How to get started with the classes?

I am new to Anahata Yoga and am enrolled in your teacher training program for the first time. How do I begin teaching my group classes and Andiappan Yoga classes?

Thanks for joining our teacher training program. Welcome to Anahata Yoga. Please search your email inbox that we sent from Mindbody’s booking system. Once you have created your Mindbody account with that email, you will see the details of the teacher training in your account detail page.  

The Mindbody app can be downloaded to your phone device and you can search for Anahata Yoga. Once you register your account, you can book recommended group and andiappan yoga classes instantly.

Teacher Trainnig Classes: YTT classes are pre booked and will begin on the YTT start date. You will receive a reminder about the YTT classes and a separate invitation to access the student portal to access YTT documents. 

Group and Andiappan Yoga Classes: You can book YTT Recommended Group classes and Andiappan Yoga classes via the mind body booking system 3 days in advance.

If you have not received this Mindbody account creation welcome email, please contact the studio at 29051822 and press 3. One of the front desk staff will assist and resend it to you.

I am an existing / past  Member and teacher training graduate of Anahata Yoga? How do I book the classes?

We are glad to have you back at Anahata Yoga. If you still have access to the Mindbody account you can login to the account and see the details of your Teacher Training Course classes. You can book and cancel your classes from that same Mindbody account as well.

How do I book the recommended Group Classes and Andiappan Yoga classes I see in my Mind Body account? 

Our schedule page on our website https://www.anahatayoga.com.hk/schedule/ can be used to book these classes or via the mindbody app.

From the next day after the admission confirmation, you can begin taking group classes as part of your teacher training. You will receive a recommended group class list by email which you can refer to in order to book classes. Nevertheless, you can book any group classes listed on our group class schedule page and attend them. 

Additionally, Andiappan Yoga classes are also recommended classes for your teacher training, and you can book and attend them whenever it is convenient for you.

As a teacher training student you can book Andiappan Yoga and Andiappan Yoga (YTT) classes  you see in our schedule page. Regular package members can only attend Andiappan Yoga classes, but YTT students can book both.

Class Booking is open from 9 am – 11: 55pm and you can book the class 3 days in advance. You can also  check the validity of these  group and Andiappan Yoga classes in the Mind Body account details.

What is the difference between Live Stream Class and Online Class (Ex Back Care Yoga Online) I see on the schedule?

Live streaming and online classes are both conducted via Zoom. You attend these classes online. Live stream classes are studio group classes live streamed for online students, while online classes are classes conducted exclusively online. You will receive a Zoom link 30 minutes before any of the above classes if you booked any of them. 

What is the Group class booking late and early cancellation policy?

You can book the clases 3 days in advance and remember to cancel 3 hrs before the clas starting time if you wish to cancel the class even if you are waitlist. Otherwise late cancellation fee may apply. Kindly read this page for the class booking and cancellation policy https://anahatayoga.com.hk/cancellation-policy/

If you have booked a studio class and if you are late for more than 5 mins you will not be allowed entry and class credit will not be reversed.

If I have a membership with Anahata Yoga, how can I suspend it so that I can use the group and Andiappan Yoga class that comes with the teacher training course?

If you wish to suspend your annual group membership for the duration of the teacher training course, please fill out this form and we will process the suspension.  https://andiappanyoga.jotform.com/yogananth/anahata-yoga—teacher-training-stu

I am experiencing some difficulty in booking the classes via the mind body app. How to get help.

Please read this page for the steps to register your mind body account with the app. https://www.anahatayoga.com.hk/online-booking

Additionally you can also Mind-body help page below and make sure you have verified your email with Mind-body account to make sure your account is setup right.  https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/My-passes-are-missing-How-do-I-send-a-verification-email?language=en_US

Make sure your email address and name are the same as those mentioned in the welcome email when registering for Mindbody.

Make sure the Mind-body app is up to date. Book the class on our website schedule page. When you visit the studio, you can ask the front desk staff for assistance if you’re having trouble setting up with the app.

If I need help whom should I contact?

Message us on WhatsApp if you need assistance with your current package or ongoing teacher training course classes and our staff will be happy to assist you. To chat with our customer support staff via WhatsApp, click here: https://wa.me/message/SQ67XFYEPUYQH1

The studio’s front desk staff can also be reached by calling 29051822 and pressing 3. 

I am interested in joining other teacher training programs, group class packages. Who should I contact?

If you want to continue practicing in our studio, you can join one of our group or private classes. Alternatively, you can enroll in another teaching training program we offer to deepen your knowledge of yoga.

Click here to contact our sales support staff via Whatsapp https://wa.me/message/7NHC3NCBKHRNB1