Yoga Packages

A Package of 20 + 3 Free Group Yoga Classes (New members and online purchase only)

New members are defined as those who do not have a current package with Anahata Yoga or who's annual package has expired for at least six months prior to purchase.

  • This package cannot purchased those who availed free trial class. Those who have bought this offer before is not entitled to buy this again but the renewal one only. Click here to renew

  • This 20 + 3 Group Yoga Classes voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase and all the classes must be completed within six months from the date of purchase.

  • This offer is for online purchase only and cannot be purchased at the studio.

  • In case of dispute, the decision of Anahata Yoga Limited is final.

  • This voucher cannot be canceled, transferred or shared.

  • Prior booking is needed to confirm the classes and timings.

  • 2  Vouchers are needed to attend Andiappan Yoga(Theme) Classes.

  • This package cannot be used to book/attend Andiappan Yoga YTT classes as these are exclusive to ongoing Yoga Teacher Training Students.

  • Read and agree to our terms and conditions and studio usage policy.

  • This exclusive online promotional package is only valid for those who have not attended any trial class in the past six months. The additional promotional offer will not be granted to those who have attended any trial class during the past six months.

  • Once the payment is made, this purchase cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or shared.

  • To pay through bank transfer please refer to the Bank Account Details: HSBC Account Number : 400 565 560 001, Anahata Yoga Limited. You can also do the transfer by FPS to this number 56148323 (Anahata Yoga Business WhatsApp account number). Once the transfer is done please send the transfer confirm acknowledgement by WhatsApp to +852 5614 8323 or email

Original Price  :  6,050.00 HKD
Online Price  :  5,000.00 HKD
The purchase of group/private classes packages is exclusive for online purchase only. Intro offers are available to new members 1st time purchase only.

All group/private class packages validity starts from the date of purchase unless you wish to start later, please mention in the purchase notes. .

Once the payment is made, this purchase cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or shared.

Only 1 class per day, 2 classes per day, Unlimited classes annual membership class packages can book andiappan yoga classes. Short term packages, 6 classes per month 1 year package, coupon class packages cannot be used to book 2hr andiappan yoga classes.

Andiappan Yoga YTT classes are specifically designed for ongoing yoga YTT students, while there are also other regular Andiappan yoga classes that are open to both ongoing ytt students and annual package members (booked as per the membership privileges).

Short term and coupon class packages cannot be suspended for whatso ever reason.

The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, course dates or instructors without any notice.

Any queries please contact our sales support here .