Yoga to improve hip strength and mobility - Workshop by Master Keshav - [ 04th December 2021 ~ 04th December 2021]

Anahata Yoga Workshop 
Workshop Title: Yoga to improve hip strength and mobility Workshop

Workshop Date: 4th December 2021  (NEW DATE)

Workshop Time : 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Taught by: Master Keshav

Only a few spots left!

*For students who enrolled for the 27th November workshop and cannot attend the workshop on 4th December please refer to the email we sent for the options. 

About Anahata Yoga Workshops

At Anahata Yoga, we seek to support our students at all stages of their yoga journey.  An important element of this support is the regular yoga workshops we conduct.  These workshops are designed as focussed sessions covering specific areas of yoga to advance the knowledge and skill development of our yoga students.  The workshops represent opportunities for certified teachers to capture continuing education skills, regular yoga practitioners to capture knowledge and skill to develop their practice, or anyone who wants to understand particular aspects of yoga at a deeper level than available in normal yoga class environments.  All our Masters have extensive experience and skill, this allows us to cater for all student levels from beginner to long-term practitioners in an interactive, supportive and safe environment.  

The workshop will be lead and supported by Anahata Yoga Masters with extensive skill and experience to ensure each student develops in a safe and secure environment.  All activities and asanas will be presented and demonstrated in a structured and simple manner to ensure students capture a good understanding of methods and approaches.  Each student will develop skills and understanding in a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment which will help them to enhance their own practice.

About  Yoga to improve hip strength and mobility Workshop

Hip Strength and Mobility – fundamental to our quality of life as we age is the ability to remain mobile and stable as we undertake the daily functional requirements of our life.  Our hip strength and mobility are key to our ability to maintain a good functional movement level as we age.   This workshop will focus on ensuring participants develop a good understanding of the hip anatomy and how we can apply yoga practices which will aid in our ability to maintain good functional strength and mobility across our hip region.

The workshop will be conducted on one day and cover :

  • Hip anatomy and understanding the key joints, muscles and attachments and range of motion for completing a variety of yoga asana;
  • Yoga asana for strengthening and stretching the hip area, including a range of passive and active forward, lateral and middle split postures; 
  • Understanding proper warm up techniques and asana alignment to ensure students are able to practice in a safe manner, avoid common mistakes and limit the risk of injuries;
  • The master will also guide students into the use of yoga props, such as a wall, blocks, straps and bolsters, to achieve correct asana alignment.

The workshop will support all levels of student capabilities and is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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Workshop  Price

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Online Participation

Participants can choose to attend the workshops via online mode. However, if the payment is made for studio participation, no refund will be given if the participant wishes to change to online mode.  Online links will be sent by email one day before the workshop. 

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  • The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, Workshop course dates, or instructors without any notice.
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