Vinyasa Workshop with Master Pratyay - [ 14th November 2020 ~ 15th November 2020]

Vinyasa Workshop with Master Pratyay

Vinyasa is one of the most popular modern lineages of yoga.

Vinyasa sequences flow from one pose to the other using the breath to guide us,  Vinyasa movements are fun, interesting, dynamic, physically challenging and varied, and it can be especially uplifting in group classes as everyone’s breath and movement synchronises.

This workshop is about the foundations of practice in a flow , breaking down common challenges listed below. 

– Sun Salutations and vinyasa transitions (plank poses in particular)
– Step by step approach to common vinyasa movement.(Jump Throughs and Jump Back)
– Placement of the hands to avoid wrist and shoulder injuries in vinyasa practice
– Core practices that helps build confidence and stability in the vinyasa flow

This workshop will not only look at the foundations, but also include the use of props (and how to use them to make poses easier or harder) and will look at modifying poses and transitions that suits your body and skill level.

Your confidence in vinyasa movements will take a new height after this workshop and his workshop is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!

Workshop 1 Suitable for beginners new to vinyasa movement

November 14th 2.30 – 5 pm

1. Palms and Hands position in
– Downward facing dog to plank
– Forward bend to plank
– Plank to sideplank
– Sun salutation ( step by step)

2. Feet and Legs position in
– Warrior 1,2 and 3
– Standing Poses Alignment and flow
– Half moon vs warrior 3
– Chair pose vs One legged chair pose

3. Twisting in Vinyasa
– Hand to toe pose
– Revolve crescent pose and variations
– Revolve warrior
– Twisted half moon

Workshop 2 Suitable for intermediate to advanced vinyasa students.

November 15th 2.30 – 5 pm

1. Jump forward
2. Jump back into Chaturanga
3. Jump through
4. Jump back
5. Chaturanga drills
6. Shoulders Hips coordination

Early Bird Price ends 31st October 2020

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Two Workshops (In studio)
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Regular Price HKD 1688

Two Workshops (Online)
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