Vinyasa - Drills and Techniques Workshop with Master Raja - [ 01st May 2021 ~ 02nd May 2021]

Vinyasa – Drills and Techniques Workshop with Master Raja

1st May & 2nd May (Saturday & Sunday): 3 – 5.30 pm

This Ashtanga vinyasa workshop is suitable for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of the ashtanga vinyasa poses.

By integrating mindful breathing during the poses and transitions, your practice will be elevated to the higher level of awareness and see breakthrough in your vinyasa practice. After starting with the proper learning of the sun salutations, we will go on to explore various movements such as backward bending, forward bending, balancing and inversions.

Learn to practice with modification for each movements and postures according to your body and mind.

After the two workshops, you will be able to confidently put together a dynamic flow sequence for yourself and how to practice the vinyasa movements safely without injuries.

Workshop price

One Workshop: Early bird price HKD 888 – / Regular Price HKD 988

Two Workshops: Early bird price HKD 1688 / Regular Price HKD 1888

Early Bird Deadline date 31st March 2021

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