The Kriya Workshop ~ For Detox & Vitality with Master Dhiraj - [ 04th October 2019 ~ 05th October 2019]

The Kriya Workshop ~ For Detox & Vitality with Master Dhiraj

Kriyas are a set of yogic cleansing practices that combine specific techniques that helps purify our physical, energetic & emotional bodies.

This Cleansing practice workshop will focus on

  • Cleansing the respiratory system of phlegm, mucous and congestion
  • Detoxifying the digestive system and liver
  • Toning up the autonomic nervous system and stimulates the nerves and related functions of eyes, ears, nose, and throat.
  • Clarifying the subtle channels of the energy body
  • Ultimately installing radiance, buoyancy, alacrity, and freedom in the clean space

Don’t miss the rare learning opportunity and learn how to easily make these a regular part of the daily/weekly routine and enjoy its benefits.

Please make sure you are on empty stomach on 5th October morning to practice the kriyas and avoid eating heavy or late dinner on 4th October.
Workshop time: 
  • 4th October Friday  7.30 – 9.30 pm – Theory and Preparation
  • 5th October Saturday 7 – 8.30 am  – Practicals
Workshop Price – Price includes both 4th and 5th October workshops
  • Regular Price: HKD 1288 –
  • Early Bird Price: HKD 1088 – 10th August 2019
  • Non – member Fee – Additional HKD 100$

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Feedback from students about the past Kriya Workshop conducted by Master Dhiraj

I had joined the Kriya workshop over the weekend with Master Dhiraj. It is one of the very informative and practical one I have ever joined. I would like to know if there’s possibility to have Kriya’s class regularly like weekly or biweekly like any other yoga classes like vinyasa, inverse etc. This will help us to gain more confidence in doing it instead of practicing alone.

Doing Kriya together with others are very encouraging instead of practicing by ourselves at home. It shouldn’t be left out of our practice in the studio.

Thank you for holding such a great class and I felt so much better after the workshop!

Gladys Chan

I would like to share my feedbacks about the Kriya workshop I attended last week.

During the 200YTT AND 300YTT, we already touched on this topic but after this workshop, I realised how important and relevant these practises are and most important how easily they can be integrated in our daily life.

In a fast paced city like Hong Kong, we all struggle with cold, coughs, digestive troubles, lack of sleep and many more habits contributing to a build up of stress and toxins in our body. The solution to these problems often seems complicated and expensive but after the two sessions, the theory and the practise, i think we all realised how much simpler and effective it is to rejuvenate the body from within.Master Dhiraj shared a lot his valuable knowledge to make us understand the benefits and the procedure, and then the following day, he helped each one of us to perform the different Kriyas. He was so incredibly patient, tailoring the approach to the different needs and disposition of the attendants, making us feel confident to try and succeed in our attempts. I can truly say that afterwards we all felt so energised and refreshed that we wanted to continue further (wish it would have lasted longer!). Definitely the tools and the info provided will enable us to continue at home, and hopefully in the future with other guided practises with Master.

I feel that my journey as a yoga practitioner is now enriched of new and valuable practises which can definitely contribute to help restore and preserve my well being when needed.

Thank you very much to Master Dhiraj and the team, for bringing this experience to us.

Claudia Gaudiello

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