Inversion Workshop with Master Dilip - [ 30th July 2022 ~ 31st July 2022]

Inversion Basics with Master Dilip

Saturday, 30th July – 2 – 5 pm 

In this workshop, the basic principles of inversion will be explained. In this workshop, we will cover how to start your journey to inversions safely and the steps involved in the practice of headstands. This includes preparing, modifying, steps, and using supports.

Master Dilip will cover the anatomical process of headstand in this workshop. He will offer you a variety of approaches to get into headstands and to change them if necessary.

Throughout this workshop, beginning students as well as more experienced practitioners will be able to practice fun variations of the headstand. During this immersive workshop, you will be given the knowledge that not only will enable you to learn this first upside down experience, but also how to do it correctly.

Inversion Intermediate with Master Dilip

Sunday, 31st July – 2 – 5 pm 

Many people just struggle to see consistent progress as they move from headstand to other inversions, such as forearm stand and handstand. The workshop will cover the steps and various approaches to scorpion pose (forearm stand) and raised scorpion poses (hand stand). Although these poses may seem difficult at first, when done with proper understanding of anatomy you will see consistent progress.

In this workshop you will learn how to improve upperbody strength, how to prevent wrist and shoulder injuries, and how to rehabilitate the stress and strain that is placed on the wrist, elbow, and shoulders as a result of exercise.

Come join master Dilip in this fun and interactive inversion workshop and learn the benefits of being upside down.

Workshop Price

Workshop Pricing – EARLY BIRD DEADLINE DATE IS 15 June 2022

One Workshop (In-studio participation)
Early bird price at HKD 1088
Regular Price at HKD 1288

Two Workshops (In-studio participation)
Early bird price at HKD 1788
Regular Price at HKD 1988

Online Participation – Google meet will be sent one day before the workshop date 

One Workshop HKD 888
Two Workshop HKD 1388

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