Core - Workshop by Master Anuja - [ 26th March 2022 ~ 26th March 2022]

Anahata Yoga Workshop

Workshop Title: Core Workshop

Workshop Date:  26th March 2021

Workshop Time : 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Taught by: Master Anuja

About Anahata Yoga Workshops

At Anahata Yoga, we seek to support our students at all stages of their yoga journey.  An important element of this support is the regular yoga workshops we conduct.  These workshops are designed as focussed sessions covering specific areas of yoga to advance the knowledge and skill development of our yoga students.  The workshops represent opportunities for certified teachers to capture continuing education skills, regular yoga practitioners to capture knowledge and skill to develop their practice, or anyone who wants to understand particular aspects of yoga at a deeper level than available in normal yoga class environments.  All our Masters have extensive experience and skill, this allows us to cater for all student levels from beginner to long-term practitioners in an interactive, supportive and safe environment.

The workshop will be lead and supported by Anahata Yoga Masters with extensive skill and experience to ensure each student develops in a safe and secure environment.  All activities and asanas will be presented and demonstrated in a structured and simple manner to ensure students capture a good understanding of methods and approaches.  Each student will develop skills and understanding in a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment which will help them to enhance their own practice.

About  Core Yoga Workshop

Core – by learning and applying the principles of core strength and stability to a yoga practice, common injuries are not only avoided but the stage is set for deepening yoga postures in a safe,  supported, and balanced manner.  The roots of many common limitations and injuries – including sore back, shoulders, and hips, often arise from a lack of awareness and ability to correctly engage our core muscle groups.  This exposes our joints and spine to additional demands and potential risk of injury.  Only by establishing a sound foundation of strength, stability, and balance can we safely enjoy playing the “edge” in yoga, both exploring individual possibilities and respecting individual limitations. 

The workshop will include:

  • An overview of the anatomy of the core group of muscles – including key abdominal and back muscles, and the range of secondary and supporting muscle groups;
  • Practice, theory, and discussion of core stabilization and strengthening techniques as they relate to specific postures;
  • A flow of yoga postures led to incorporate and reinforce the learnings from the principles presented in the workshop.

The workshop will cover fundamental and commonly performed asanas covering a range of forwarding bending, back bending, arm balance, and inversion postures – including many standing, kneeling seated, and laying modifications and variations of these postures.


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Terms and conditions

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  • The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, Workshop course dates, or instructors without any notice.
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