Back Bending and Inversion with Chair workshops with Master Mahesh - [ 22nd October 2022 ~ 23rd October 2022]

About Anahata Yoga Workshop

At Anahata Yoga, we seek to support our students at all stages of their yoga journey.  An important element of this support is the regular yoga workshops we conduct.  These workshops are designed as focussed sessions covering specific areas of yoga to advance the knowledge and skill development of our yoga students.  The workshops represent opportunities for certified teachers to capture continuing education skills, regular yoga practitioners to capture knowledge and skill to develop their practice,  or anyone who wants to understand particular aspects of yoga at a deeper level than available in normal yoga class environments.  All our Masters have extensive experience and skill, this allows us to cater for all student levels from beginner to long-term practitioners in an interactive, supportive and safe environment.  

The workshop will be lead and supported by Anahata Yoga Masters with extensive skill and experience to ensure each student develops in a safe and secure environment.  All activities and asanas will be presented and demonstrated in a structured and simple manner to ensure students capture a good understanding of methods and approaches.  Each student will develop skills and understanding in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment which will help them to enhance their own practice.

How to use the chair as a prop in our asana practice.

A chair (specifically designed for yoga practice) has been used as a yoga prop for many years, originally for yoga therapy poses for the elderly and people with certain ailments. During yoga classes for corporate executives who are also frequent travellers who wanted a short yoga sequence to practice at work, or the chair was also used for students who could not sit on the floor and to practice gentle stretches, breathing, and meditation techniques.

The chair is becoming increasingly popular as a yoga prop. However, it shouldn’t be used as an exclusive yoga practice sequence. Because the practitioner is limited in their ability to perform poses on their own, especially if they are able to do them without the chair’s assistance,therefore calling a yoga sequence “chair yoga” is not the proper understanding to yoga practice and its benefits.

About this Workshop

In this workshop Master Mahesh will give a detailed introduction to the benefits and limits of using chair as a prop for basic, intermediate level variations of poses. He will also explain how it can be safely and effectively applied in our practice. When you learn how to use the chair as a yoga prop anatomically and mindfully, you will see some amazing achievements in your yoga asana practice. This workshop will introduce many new yoga pose variations invented by master mahesh himself.

Workshop 1 – Chair as a prop for back bending poses – 22  Oct 2022 – Sat – 2.30 – 5.00 pm

It has been common for students to practice various backbending poses with blocks, walls and ropes, dharma wheel, fit ball and other tools, which can be used as supports and assistance.

The chair, however, is an effective tool when used correctly by an expert teacher. You will learn various back bending poses with the chair’s assistance in this work.

You can use the chair as a prop for several poses against gravity as well as towards gravity. This back bending workshop is guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience.

Workshop 2 – Chair as a prop for Inversion poses-

23 Oct 2022 – Sun – 2.30 – 5.00 pm

During this workshop, you will learn how to safely practice headstands, forearm stands, and dropbacks by using a chair. You can practice the techniques you learn during this workshop to develop your inversion poses on your own and be confident about the dropbacks during inversions.

Using props in asana practice in a specific way depends on the teacher’s skill, and students need to be open minded in order to learn from an experienced teacher who has used these props in practice and teaching for many years. You will definitely deepen your practice and interest in exploring your asana practice during this workshop.

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