Ayurvedic Marmas & Yoga Therapy Workshop with Master Vishnu - [ 18th June 2017 ~ 25th June 2017]

Ayurvedic Marmas and Yoga Therapy Workshop with Master Vishnu

Date: 18th & 25th June, 2017
Time: 15:00 – 17:30

The knowledge of Marma, the vital energy centers in body, was explained in ancient Ayurvedic texts of Ayurveda from India. Marmas are secret vital points of the body and mind, the seat for consciousness, and the energy reservoirs. Marmas are junction points of muscles, veins, ligaments, bones, and joints. The seat of Prana (vital energy) resides in the Marmas. Marmas are important key energy centers in Ayurveda, Yoga and Mudras . Marmas connect to various subtle nerves (Nadis) and energy wheels (Chakras) and resemble the acupressure points. The life force (Prana) situates in the Marma points. Toxins, stress and negative emotions can get blocked in the marma points for years, leading to pain, energy blockage, swelling and various kinds of illnesses. Blocked marmas are removed in Ayurveda through massage and it can also be unblocked through various yoga postures (asanas) and Gestures (Mudras) Marmas are key points to focus on while performing various yogic practices.

Participants in this course will learn: • Overview of Yoga and Ayurveda • Three energy sources and the marma points • Classifications and types of marmas and its yogic anatomical view • Locations and functions of major marmas • Chakras and marmas connection • Benefits of marmas • Yoga postures to stimulate various marma points in our body. • Yogic Practices to unblock various marma points for common conditions such as insomnia, neck, back and hip pain

Workshop Fee: HK$988 per workshop and HK$1888 for two

Early Bird price: HK$888 per workshop and HK$1688 for two (early bird price ends on 31st May 2017)

Additional HK$100 per workshop for non Anahata Yoga members

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