100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (30 August 2018 - 11 October 2018) - [ 30th August 2018 ~ 11th October 2018]

FAQ  100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (30 August 2018 - 11 October 2018)

There are many crash courses on prenatal yoga teacher training offered online (50hour options) or as a 3-day weekend programme. How is this 100hrs prenatal programme different?

The market for yoga teacher training courses has become more lucrative as yoga has grown more popular in recent years. Without an official governing body regulating these courses, it is not difficult to set up short courses and create certifications on paper. At Anahata Yoga, we don’t compromise on quality. We want to ensure that students graduating from our programme have interacted with teachers, attended actual prenatal yoga teacher training classes in our studio, and received a first-hand experience of teaching prenatal yoga classes structured specifically for pregnant women.

Students of our programme attend a minimum of 10 prenatal yoga teacher training classes as part of the requirements for certification, ensuring they are able to confidently teach and guide pregnant women upon completion.

Post-teacher training, we also offer reorientation classes through the Andiappan Yoga Community (www.yogacommunity.org), where students can learn about the latest developments in prenatal yoga, health and pregnancy, and related research, findings, and teaching methodologies.

Support for our students does not stop after the completion of the programme. The same experience cannot be guaranteed in an online class or a short-term weekend course.

Why enroll in a prenatal yoga teacher training course when I have already completed a general yoga teacher training?

Yoga students who have studied and trained in traditional yoga learning settings such as ours should be able to tailor-make yoga classes for various body types, including women in the middle of their pregnancy. However, as most teacher training programmes offered today focus on one style – often based on the lineage of the instructor – the classes tend to teach a fixed set of poses.

At Anahata Yoga, we refrain from labeling our yoga ‘styles’. Our courses do not represent any one lineage. We teach students the basics of yoga, its origin and philosophy, and the various traditions of yoga so that they may understand the essence of the practice – and how ‘prenatal yoga’ came to be what it is today.

Our 100 hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed in a such a way that students will be able to customize yoga practices based on an individual’s physical and mental states, increasing its effectiveness and therapeutic value, including that for pregnant women.

Ultimately, we teach yoga for the general well-being of the mind and body, as well as its unique benefits during pregnancy.

What can I learn in this Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course that I won’t learn elsewhere?

The course has an elaborate focus on the pregnancy anatomy, its yogic view, and how yoga contributes to the labour process. We teach basic and practical knowledge required to apply tools in yoga that benefit the mother’s, as well as the child’s, well-being. Students also receive a lot of interactive, practical sessions with the faculty. You learn the poses, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation techniques that are specifically modified for pregnancy.

Why should I join Anahata Yoga’s Teacher Training Course? What is the difference between your training course and the others on offer in the market?

Please read our 10 Reasons to Join Our Teacher Training Course. That aside, there are three main advantages to joining our Teacher Training Courses.

  1. We are very particular about our teaching method Our training courses are structured in the same way as those offered in India, and our yoga masters teach the classes in the same manner as they have learned in India. Taking part in our teacher training is therefore akin to taking yoga teacher training in India. In most other teacher training courses, students get a limited yoga education that is highly dependent on their teacher’s own training and knowledge. What happens is that there is a simple passage of knowledge from the teacher to the students, instead of a dynamic environment wherein students learn concepts and postures in a manner that they will be able to teach again in their own style. Moreover, the traditional core concepts and principles taught in a teacher training are very important in the understanding of yoga philosophy. Such knowledge is impossible to gain simply by reading books. In order to fully grasp the practical and philosophical tenets of yoga, one has to learn it from fully professional, well-trained, and experienced yoga masters who are able to thoroughly explain and demonstrate such concepts and practices.
  2. Our courses are integrated and inclusive We cover most types of yoga and lineages in our teaching training so that students get a holistic view and understanding of what yoga is, how it was developed over the years, and how it is relevant today. Our courses are designed in such a way that includes as much depth and breadth of yoga history and philosophy as possible and integrates both theoretical and practical aspects of the practice.
  3. We continue training and helping our students even after they have completed the programme We make sure our students get teaching opportunities at other centres. In fact, other yoga studios in Hong Kong prefer to hire graduates of our teacher training courses because of their knowledge in various types of yoga, routines, and as well as their ability to develop their own sequences and teaching plans. Moreover, at Anahata Yoga, we hire only teachers who have completed our own Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Can I enroll in this course even though I’m pregnant?

The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course is a beginner’s course and does not involve intensive yoga practice. If you don’t have any pregnancy complications, this can be a perfect opportunity to learn and experience the prenatal yoga. We have had pregnant women take up and successfully complete the course before.

What happens if I miss some classes?

We call the last week of the course Revision Week. During Revision Week, students who have missed classes or who have questions may request to go over those topics once again.

Can men attend this prenatal yoga course?

Yes, of course, You don’t have to be a female teacher to teach a pregnant woman. Anyone can learn the knowledge and apply it safely to pregnant women.

How are the assessments conducted?

Assessments are conducted in two parts, theory and practical. For the theory part, you will be given a prenatal yoga topic from the syllabus, where you need to write on that topic and submit it online.

For the practical assessments, we will conduct a teaching practice session by forming a group and the course faculty teachers will assess the teaching methods and give you inputs on what you need to do to improve teaching techniques in the long term. Upon successful completion of both, you will receive the Course Graduation Certificate.

Can I register with yoga alliance after I have completed the course?

Upon completion of this course, students can apply for RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) with yoga alliance by fulfilling the requirements of Yoga Alliance registration standards. We offer assistance to students interested in applying for a Yoga Alliance Registration after completing a teacher training course.


Can I teach yoga after attending this course?

Yes, you can. Most of our Teacher Training graduates are now full-time yoga teachers in Hong Kong as well as volunteer teachers in charity organisations, such as the Andiappan Yoga Community,(www.yogacommunity.org)  where we offer opportunities to teach yoga in various places in Hong Kong. The Andiappan Yoga Community is a non-profit organisation that aims to share the joy and health benefits of Andiappan Yoga teachings with as many people as possible. We organise social community events such as free yoga classes to the public in places with little access to yoga centre memberships. Our volunteers are all qualified yoga teachers with specializations to teach different groups of individuals, such as those with specific illnesses, disabilities, and the underprivileged. As of today, our graduates have been volunteering for the Andiappan Yoga Community in partnership with the following organisations:

  • Changing Young Lives Foundation
  • Autism Partnership School
  • Yan Oi Tong
  • Hong Kong Eating Disorder Association
  • Quintessentially Foundation
  • Hong Kong Cancer fund
  • VTC
  • Lok Sin Tong
  • Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services

To know how to join the community and our activities you can visit www.yogacommunity.org

Once I have completed the teacher training, how could I further my knowledge in yoga practices and philosophy?

We recommend you to keep yourself under the guidance of experienced masters. Our masters are willing to give you full guidance and support even after you have completed the training. This is very important in staying inspired throughout your practice. You can also attend our other accredited yoga teacher training courses to deepen your learning in various topics of yoga:

Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (300 RYT)

Following on the 200hr teacher training course, yoga is not only about doing the final poses but also about understanding anatomy, how to warm up properly and modification of poses according to your body.

The Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training will help you progress to the next level of your yoga journey. The course, led by Master Yogananth and his team, will enable you to explore the capabilities of your body with intermediate to advanced level poses.

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course (300 RYT)

Yoga has traditionally been taught to individuals, with tailor-made sessions designed to address unique and specific ailments and diseases. This practice cannot be implemented in large classes. A therapeutic approach to yoga, is the best way to start your practice. Yoga Therapy is the future of yoga.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course (RCYT)

The best way to start teaching yoga is to teach kids. Kids are fun to be with and open-minded as long as it is fun and creative. Kids yoga is now taught in schools and most sports centres.  This Kids Yoga Teacher Training course will prepare you with all the tools to teach kids up to the age of 18.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course (RPYT)

The benefits of yoga during pregnancy is well-known with many doctors recommending it.  Simple yogic poses and breathing techniques, along with meditation can greatly assist women in preparing for natural child birth. This Prenatal yoga teacher training gives you all the tools, preparation, knowledge and first-hand experience you need to teach pregnant women.

Private Yoga Classes

If you feel you are not ready to dive into another training just yet, but would like to take some time to consolidate what you have learnt and to put that into practice, you can consider private yoga.  One of our experienced teachers will help tailor a practice for you to improve your practise and to achieve your specific goals.

Group Yoga Classes

Take your time and practice what you have learnt in our teacher training course and attend our regular group yoga classes to improve your health and well-being. At Anahata Yoga, there isn’t a shortage of inspiration and knowledge.


What happens if I miss some classes?

We will plan a revision class on the last day of the course and students who have missed classes or who have questions may request to go over those topics again.

How to cover the classes I missed in the YTT?

If you have missed up to three classes, you can send us the dates and the topics you missed and we can cover those topics during the revision class,

But if you have missed more than three classes you can retake the whole module during the upcoming YTT. However, these makeup classes must be taken within the next 6 months of your batch YTT and are subject to availability and payment of admin fee for each module.

All communications in regards to the missed classes should be sent to ytt@anahatayoga.com.hk

What happens if I miss the course I signed up for and I have travel plans/emergency that I cannot attend the full course/module?

Students must provide a notice in writing if they are to miss the course / full module prior to the commencement date. If the student already knows the dates of their missing classes/modules before the commencement of the course, they can inform us at least one week before the start of the course and no admin fee will be charged.

There is an administrative fee of HK$500 (per module) if one or more modules are missed, once the course has begun subject to the next course availability.

All communications in regards to the missed classes should be sent to ytt@anahatayoga.com.hk


If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.