Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (Part time) - [ 23rd October 2015 ~ 15th November 2015]

FAQ  Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (Part time)

Why should I learn advanced yoga postures? Isn’t yoga about more than just postures?

Well said yoga is not just about postures, and postures make a tiny drop in the vast yoga ocean. But a healthy body is the foundation for everything, and practicing advanced yoga postures helps keep the body in its peak form.

Postures are only considered advanced when the practitioner is not ready to do the pose, or if he/she has not yet been guided by a teacher on the basic steps to achieving the pose. Some people may never have done yoga before, but can execute a lotus pose without difficulty, while others cannot.

In order to overcome our body limitations, certain postures first need to be modified and adapted according to the ability of each individual. Once the individual has shown progress in executing a pose with grace and accuracy, the instructor may modify the pose further; raising the level of difficulty and, therefore, advancing the level of technique demanded.

This way, a person is constantly exploring and pushing the limits of their body, developing with it a deeper connection. Doing so keeps a person motivated and inspired in the practice.

How intense is the course?

Although the course is titled Advanced, we will still explore basic and intermediate levels of poses. The title refers particularly to the way the course is designed; it is for people who are interested in learning the modifications and variations of a pose. Also, because it is part-time, participants may practice the poses during their own time, and follow up on any questions and doubts that they may have in the following class.

I have been practicing yoga for only one year. Am I ready for this course?

The Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course is suitable for practitioners with over six months of regular practice. Since the course is not simply about executing advanced postures but also about the preparations needed to advance one level of practice, it is important that participants are well aware of their own capabilities and limitations in deciding whether to enroll in the course.

Every yoga practitioner aspires for consistency and progress in their practice, that they may one day overcome their own limitations. This course will help them achieve that, given that they are able to put in the time, effort, and dedication it demands which usually requires a certain amount of experience to begin with.

What can one expect to learn in this course?

The course covers basic to intermediate poses and their advanced variations. Every posture also has its warm up techniques, modifications for purposes of recovery, counter postures, as well as cool down techniques. All this is vital information for the advanced Hatha yoga practitioner, especially in preventing injuries, as they develop a better understanding of a postures anatomy and how it affects the body. Such knowledge is significant regardless of the style of yoga one practices, as it gives the practitioner an informed view of every asana (posture).

Why should I take an advanced Hatha teacher training course at Anahata Yoga and not elsewhere?

The course director, Master Yogananth Andiappan, is a lifelong yogi who has practiced and taught yoga for over 25 years. Born to a family of yogis, Master Yogananth has been engaged in the discipline his entire life; he has won many International yoga titles and championships all throughout, and has taught students of various backgrounds. As a dedicated yoga practitioner, Master Yogananth can execute over 3,000 asanas (postures) and has invented many approaches to the same posture according to an individual limits and body type.

While it is never too late to learn yoga, it is important that one teacher is an expert in the field that he is teaching. Yoga practitioners need more than good guidance and excellent demonstration skills to learn advanced yoga postures. They also need a good source of inspiration and motivation; a mentor who could guide them through every step of executing a pose, tap into the potential of their body, mind, and spirit, and draw out the best of their abilities.

With a course director who has dedicated a lifetime to yoga, we are confident that such training and mentorship cannot be found elsewhere.

What if I have just recovered from injury? Can I still attend this course?

Yes, you can, though we advise you to first inform the course master of your injury before the session commences. Doing so will enable the master to instruct you safely and teach you the right pose modifications for your body. One need not execute all modifications or variations of a pose if s/he is not ready, and instead take note of such variations to be practised in the future.

Why is the course divided into 3 levels?

Levels 1 and 2 of the course are of the same level of intensity, but focus on different practical and theoretical aspects of advanced Hatha yoga. Level 1 covers theory on Hatha yoga, its origins, literature, and a variety of poses: standing, seated, front bends, back bends, twisting, inversion, and balancing. Level 2, on the other hand, covers theory on other aspects of Hatha yoga, such as Pranas, Koshas, and Thirumoolar Ashtanga Yoga, as well as the poses in their different variations.

Level 3, meanwhile, is focused on students who have shown an outstanding level of skill and dedication throughout Levels 1 and 2, and is thus taught by invitation. In Level 3, students learn the teaching techniques of postures taught in the first two levels, as well as Partner Yoga variations, Rope Yoga, Chair Yoga, and the art of demonstration. Students also learn to sequence poses, teach an advanced Hatha yoga class, and develop a class theme that focuses on various levels. As the final level in this series of training, Level 3 prepares students as Advanced Hatha Yoga Teachers.

Accommodation for Foreign Students

Students can arrange the accommodation at various serviced apartments within 10 – 15 minutes walking distance of the studio.

YWCA, Bonham Road, Hong Kong
The current booking rate for YWCA is HK$ 11,500 per month.

Students can also book their own accommodation with other hotels and serviced apartments nearby by checking this website.

Can I register with yoga alliance after I have completed the course?

Yes, you can apply for the 200hrs RYT Yoga Alliance Registration. We can assist you with the application process.

Can I teach yoga after attending this course?

Yes, you can. Most of our Teacher Training graduates are now full-time yoga teachers in Hong Kong as well as volunteer teachers in charity organisations, such as the Yogananth Andiappan Community, where we offer opportunities to teach yoga in various places in Hong Kong.

The Yogananth Andiappan Community is a non-profit organisation that aims to share the joy and health benefits of Andiappan Yoga teachings with as many people as possible. We organise social community events such as free yoga classes to the public in places with little access to yoga centre memberships. Our volunteers are all qualifiedyoga teachers with specializations to teach different groups of individuals, such as those with specific illnesses, disabilities, and the underprivileged.

As of today, our graduates have volunteered for the Yogananth Andiappan Community in partnership with the following organisations: Changing Young Lives Foundation, Autism Partnership School, Yan Oi Tong, Hong Kong Eating Disorder Association, Quintessentially Foundation, and Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

Once I have completed the teacher training, how could I further my knowledge in yoga practices and philosophy?

We recommend you to keep yourself under the guidance of an experienced master. Our master are willing to give you full guidance and support even after you have completed the training. This is very important in staying inspired throughout your practice.

You can also attend our other teacher training courses: Our 200hrs basic Yoga Teacher Training Programmes will give you the opportunity to explore the history and origin of yoga and its types, as well as the methods in teaching for raw beginners. On the other hand, our Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Teacher Training Programme will teach you to tailor your own sequence of yoga poses to treat various ailments and conditions. You will also learn how to teach kids and pregnant women.

At Anahata Yoga, there isn’t a shortage of inspiration and knowledge.

What happens if I miss the course I signed up for?

The courses are valid for a period of time from date of enrollment

1. 24 months for Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

2. 24 months for Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Teacher Training Certificate Course

3. 12 months for 200hrsYoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Students must provide a notice in writing if they are to miss the course / full module prior to the commencement date.

Can you give me some reference for your Teacher Training graduates those who have completed your yoga teacher training course and running their own yoga studios?

We have many TT graduates currently teaching full time and part time in many yoga studios in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

Some of our graduates are successfully running their own yoga studios in many part of the world including

1) Ivy Yip – YogaLaya, Kwai Fong Hong Kong
2) Queenie – Studio Q, TST, Hong Kong
3) Kosta Miachin – Vikasa Yoga – Thailand
4) Mario Corella – Rancho Largo Yoga – Mexico
5) Sharon Wong – Yoga Club Association, Hong Kong
6) Ellen Yu – Yoga Club Association, Hong Kong
7) Teresa Cheung – Yoga Fitness, Hong Kong
8) Laura Shore – Green Frog, Hong Kong
9) Supatcha Songcharoen – Little Yoga, Bangkok, Thailand
10) Tanida Indrawati – Yoga Club Studio, Indonesia
11) Elizabeth Rowan, Haven Yoga, USA
12) Sylvie Tremblay – Yoga Sangha, Montreal, Canada
13) Cindy Chow – Landmark Mandarin Hotel, Hong Kong
14) Emilie Mognetti – Aix Yoga Center, France
15) Kirstie Wettasinghe – Kay Yoga, Hong Kong
16) Quenneie Yeung – Yoga Club, Hong Kong
17) Louise Vas, Bam Bam Yoga, Hong Kong
18) Bo Thong, Bam Bam, Yoga Hong Kong
19) Nasci, Bam Bam Yoga, Hong Kong
20) Mouna, Inspire Yoga, Hong Kong
21) Tammy, Inspire Yoga, Hong Kong
22) Kammy, Tsang, Yogalaya, Hong Kong

If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.