Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (11 June 2018 - 28 June 2018) - [ 11th June 2018 ~ 28th June 2018]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

Thank you Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh, and Master Kamal. It is a gift to be able to experience the practice with you. I have proved to myself the true strength I have, become more aware and living a better life. Namaste
Student ID : 2017000503
Batch Code : 2018/06/100/AM/AHYTT2/HK/1

Level two was more intense than level 1. But quite enjoyable. Thank you so much!
Student ID : 2016000608
Batch Code : 2018/06/100/AM/AHYTT2/HK/1

It was a special experience for me to join the Level 1 course as a woman in midlife with stiff muscles. All of the final postures in the handout looked like mission impossible for me at the beginning. However, all the masters of Anahata are very professional, patient and helpful. We never got any chances to injure ourselves during the practice of those challenging poses. After the intensive three-week training, I can perform most of the variation and modification poses and feel great and blissful about it. Namaste
Student ID : 2014001725
Batch Code : 2018/06/100/AM/AHYTT2/HK/1

After I completed YTT 200 hours and Yoga Therapy 300hours, I was looking for something challenging to do. Hatha Advance Level 1-2 was the perfect training to do since I was looking for something to deepen and develop my practice. I started my 30 hours self-practice earlier because I knew that my body needed to be ready for a minimum of 3 hours of intensive practice a day during this training. The poses are challenging, but we did an intensive warm-up and preparation every time and they showed us steps to follow to the final pose. Sometimes the final pose was too difficult for me, but we had variations and modifications of every asana. I felt very safe during the training, as Master Yogananth, Master Mahesh, and Master Kamal were very clear about how to prepare our body, performing safely avoiding injury. I learnt a lot of poses also in Sanscrit name, anatomy, benefits, and chakra awareness and technics regarding how to use props. I m very happy with the result, and I feel confident to do my home practice working on these beautiful poses. Thank you very much to the Masters that guided me and helped me to do my best. Namaste
Student ID : 2015000789
Batch Code : 2018/06/100/AM/AHYTT2/HK/1