200-hours Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Teacher Training - [ 05th September 2014 ~ 28th December 2014]

Anahata Yoga’s Module Programme

Busy Hong Kong professionals now have the option of undergoing yoga teacher training at their own pace and in their own schedule. Available for the first time in Hong Kong, Anahata Yoga now applies a modular system to all its yoga teacher training programme. This will allow yoga practitioners with busy schedules to enrol only in one (or more) of the series of classes of their choice – without having to enrol in the teacher training in one go.

Students will receive a participation certificate after completing a module. Those who have completed the total number of modules within a two-year period and have successfully passed other requirements may then obtain the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, which signifies their completion of the entire course.

Ayurveda Theory Module


5 September – 20 September 2014 (3 Weeks)


(Instructor: Vishnu)


This module introduces students to the Ayurvedic System and its history and philosophy, through an elaborate study of various Ayurvedic therapies. In addition, the module also covers the Ayurvedic Diets; methods in diagnosing symptoms of common ailments and their classification according to Doshas; Dosha detection; and practical studies of Nadi Pariksha (pulse rate).

Ayurveda Practical Module


26 September – 11 October 2014 (3 Weeks)


(Instructor: Dr. Shveta)


This module covers important points on the preparation the application of various massage techniques such as Sirodhara, and Abhyanga, as well as the fundamentals of Pancha Karma therapies. Students will gain a better understanding of the healing benefits of Ayurvedic massage techniques and receive first-hand practical experience with the top most qualified and experienced experts Kerala, India. The module is best suited for massage therapists, physio therapists and energy healing practitioners.

Yoga Therapy Module


17 October – 22 November 2014 (6 Weeks)

17 – 25 October – 2 Weeks (Instructor: Yogananth)
– Introduction to Yoga Therapy
– Yoga and Natural Therapies
– Yoga Therapy for Neck and Back Pain
– Yoga Therapy during Pregnancy

31 October – 1 November – 1 Week

– Yoga Therapy Marmas (Instructor: Vishnu)
– Concentration, Meditation, Yoga Nidra (Instructor: Anurag)

7 – 15 November – 2 Weeks (Instructor: HS Arun)
– Yoga Therapy Module: Usage of Props for various postures

21 – 22 November – 1 Week (Instructor: Yogesh)

– Yoga Therapy for Hip & Hamstring
– Yoga Therapy for Knee and Ankle injuries

This module completely focuses on the fundamentals of yoga therapy and its approach. Students will learn how to sequence poses to address various conditions, including back pain, neck pain, obesity, hypertension, respiratory disorders and injuries in the knee, hamstring, hips and shoulders. The module is recommended to yoga practitioners of all levels and those who are particularly interested in the healing benefits of yoga, as well as natural therapies such as leaf therapy, mud therapy and water therapy.

Please note

Yoga therapy and Ayurveda are different sciences that demand decades of study, practice and research to fully understand and apply as holistic therapy. This training serves only as an introductory workshop and foundational course for those interested in learning about the healing benefits of these two, great, Indian sciences.

If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.