200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Fri Evening & Sat Afternoon) - [ 30th April 2021 ~ 24th July 2021]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

In this course, I learnt a lot form every master, I have a more in-depth understanding about yoga, not only the asanas but also the other aspects like some behaviors and daily practices. I once thought that yoga is to help us gain a healthy body but after the course, I understand that yoga is a kind of lifestyle, a lifestyle with healthy mind, body and soul.
Student ID : 2021000209
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The course provided a great foundation in yoga theories, human anatomy, yoga practices, and also yoga teaching approaches, which are very useful and insightful. I have seen my own improvements in yoga practices and also mental development in just a few months. The knowledge I learned was really practical, not only in yoga teaching/ practices but in day-to-day life. I enjoyed the experience very much but there is still room for improvement for the administration of the course.
Student ID : 2021000264
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Anahata Yoga Masters are very helpful, experienced, and encouraging. I learned a lot from the YTT200 and improved my practice and knowledge immensely. Thank you to the Masters and my classmates!
Student ID : 2021000149
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

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