200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Sunday Morning and Afternoon) - [ 04th July 2021 ~ 26th September 2021]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

it is very happy to join this yoga teacher training course. All masters are very experience and nice and willing to adjust your posture and your mindset as well.
Student ID : 2021000762
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The course is very informative and useful, each asana is dissected well. All masters are knowledgeable. very kind and patient. Suggest using props (eg skeleton model) when teaching anatomy for an easier understanding.
Student ID : 2021000763
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Thank you for bringing me a great journey to yoga.
Student ID : 2021000302
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Very holistic and lots of key information. Not just a course for yogis, it also contained a lot of information on treating wellness and overall physical and mental health.
Student ID : 2021000666
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The course helps me to understand “what is yoga” and guide us on the way to prepare as a teacher.
Student ID : 2021000465
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Is it possible for an aged body like mine to pass YTT200? Not quite, if the days at Anahata had not been nourished by our caring masters and loving peer. I had my first headstand with confidence built by Master Vishnu’s encouraging smiles; my first lift off to crow through the step-by-step modifications taught by Master Keshav; and never would I forget Master Mahesh’s persistence to see me accomplish a clumsy handstand on the wall after repeated failures, and his request to “smile” from the class’ tense faces holding up the pose, which made the room burst into laughter. Of course, the journey, like mentioned in our YTT handbook, should be more than asanas. Countless were there moments that inspired our minds and touched my hearts: Master Yogananth, who filled our Sunday mornings with teachings that made a note pad filled with scribbles that we longed for more; and Master Raja’s questioning which helped the dreamy heads stay focused and dig into the PowerPoint for revision on the MTR before stepping into the studio. And lucky enough, I met peer who were kind to show me a trick, to give a hands-on alignment and to go through all challenges by adding synergy and support. Not only were these loving hearts found in the YTT200 classroom, I met some inspiring seniors in the Andiappan sessions. There were days when the advanced students, apparently advanced enough to have inherited heartily, would offer helping tips to make me tumble less. It would not have been possible, for my clumsy aged body and ignorant mind to gain so much from the 200 hours spent, if I had not stepped into the studio for a trial out of my comfort zone. I am still inadequate, incompetent and green. Yet, thank you masters and everyone I met on the course, for taking me to the very first step to see the beauty of Yoga. And thank you Valery and Nicole, your warm greetings made us feel like home : )
Student ID : 2021000384
Batch Code : 2021/07/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

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