200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Mon & Wed Evening) - [ 11th November 2020 ~ 03rd March 2021]

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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Good. Thank you masters for the guidance and sharing all the way.
Student ID : 2020001157
Batch Code : 2021/03/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

have learned a lot of things from this course. teachers, are v friendly and helpful I have doubts to enroll in this course before because I know, I will be the only Filipina domestic helper inside the class. But I tell myself I can make it, and that’s not a hindrance to doing the things I wanna do, ”yoga”..i am a shy person but I overcome it, through the help of my classmates they are v friendly and supportive. Daisy and Audrey are the Filipina yoga volunteer teacher who inspired me for this course. Their advocacy and I want to follow their path teaching and sharing your knowledge for free to those who can’t afford it.☺️
Student ID : 2021000185
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/PM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

This has been an eye-opening three months journey. I have decided to commit to this course also during my 300hrs Meditation Coaching Training Course. I was inspired to further my understanding of my own spiritual journey through the study of yoga, and found this to be a perfect complimentary training experience. Although I know that my asana is still at the very beginning level and it would be something I need to build a consistent practice onwards. I am glad that I have found a place in Hong Kong that feels very genuine and grounding in its offering.
Student ID : 2021000183
Batch Code : 2021/03/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Masters are all so excellent, they teach with patience and passion which we all appreciated a lot. As a teaching course if we can get more skills on teaching and do more teaching practice will be perfect.
Student ID : 2021000468
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/PM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

My YTT200 experience at Anahata has been a life-changing one. Equipped with some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Yoga Masters in Hong Kong, professional guidance and hands-on teaching skills were taught during the course. The anatomical knowledge that came with practical group classes and specialised Andiappan classes was equally rewarding. It was a journey that guided me to explore myself on a deeper level and to make personal realisations that went much more beyond mere asana practices. I am very grateful for the experience and it is definitely a place that encourages one to keep an open mind as one pursues their yoga journey on and off the mat further. Thank you Masters and thank you Anahata.
Student ID : 2021000079
Batch Code : 2021/03/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

This course is comprehensive and covers the foundation of yoga including its history, anatomy, asana, pranayama, and meditation. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding in yoga knowledge, but the inspiring sharing and hands-on tutorials of all the experienced masters throughout the course have also provided me with invaluable insights. Yoga is a life-long journey and I am very glad to have started my 200-hours yoga teacher training at Anahata Yoga. While completing the course, it has definitely encouraged me to explore and love yoga more, and to explain the benefits of practicing yoga to people around me. I would recommend the course to any practitioners who would like to know more about yoga and would like to introduce and teach yoga to beginners. Thank you all masters for your guidance, patience, support, and the knowledge that you have passionately shared with us.
Student ID : 2019001992
Batch Code : 2021/03/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

I had a really great experience at International Yoga Academy. The yoga teacher training course here teaches us so many professional yoga teaching tips and tricks, enhancing my confidence in yoga teaching. For example, they taught us how to use the yoga blocks properly to prevent injuries. Also, I like the learning atmosphere this yoga school created. We learn in a large group of about 30 students in one class, so we might split into groups for some classes. Learning with partners in groups is an efficient way to absorb the yoga knowledge, as we got the chance to imitate a yoga teacher and teach other classmates so we all can have a lot of hands-on practices before really becoming a yoga teacher. In this process, we know what we don’t know, so our classmates can raise questions about yoga and discuss it. Teachers here are very friendly and professional, they have the patience to answer student’s questions as much as they can. The asana demonstrations by teachers are also very impressive. Since we have the whole picture on our minds/ our phones, so we know what is right and what is wrong for each asana. The asana pictures and even the teaching materials have been very useful for my teaching throughout my yoga teaching journey, that is why I would revise them from time to time even I have taught yoga for 2-3; years.
Student ID : 2019000079
Batch Code : 2019/03/200/PM/YTTCC/HK/1

June 28 Two weeks passed. I enjoyed the Friday and Saturday teacher training lectures and practices very much. Feel like some resonance of what I have learned in Reiki, in Chinese Medicine. Can catch the concepts pretty well. For practical lessons, inversion was challenging as I was scared of hurting the neck, and actually, I have neck and shoulder pain for many years. It appears that stretching is better for me before doing the strength-building poses. I am flexible in my hips but hamstring and back are my challenges. I am working on the Wheel pose and all my limitations one by one, and Master Yogananth has been very supportive of my practice and I will practice more regularly.
Student ID : 2021000466
Batch Code : 2021/06/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

I love attending this course, for l have learned a lot of perfect information about doing yoga. lt is good to know how to prevent injury in doing yoga and this is my aim in taking this course. l feel wonderful every time after doing yoga. However, owing to my age, l got stiffness in my joints. Therefore, l encountered difficulties in many postures. l wish l can learn some methods to overcome it.
Student ID : 2021000408
Batch Code : 2021/05/200/AM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The content is well organized and focuses on both theory and practical, with plenty of examples and practices which are very useful. The Masters are professional, guiding us through their rich experience and a systematic way of progression. I really enjoy the course and learned a lot from it. Thank you!
Student ID : 2021000204
Batch Code : 2021/03/200/WEKND/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The YTT program brought me a lot: I not only learnt about yoga philosophy, how to do the asanas properly, meditation methods, etc. but also met an incredible community. The Masters are very seasoned and passionate. I will recommend the course to my friends who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher.
Student ID : 2021000228
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/PM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The teachers are eager to teach and experienced. I am grateful for all their dedication and especially thankful for teaching us different poses. The content is well organized and focuses on both theory and practical, with plenty of examples and practices which are very useful. Overall, I consider this a great course, with great instructors and I would recommend it to anyone!
Student ID : 2021000172
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/FT/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The YTT course is an amazing experience that we learn so much from different masters of different modules. Not only learning the practical knowledge but also the mental side. Though we have some times doing in ZOOM due to the COVID, I am still grateful to have learned this amazing course.
Student ID : 2020000760
Batch Code : 2020/12/200/PM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

I am to know more about the history of Yoga, what is yoga and how Yoga bring us a more healthy mind and body. It is a nice experience here to have such a place to provide all the knowledge I want to know. The master are all very experienced on everything about Yoga, I learn so much from them.
Student ID : 2021000158
Batch Code : 2021/04/200/FT/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

The Masters are professional and teach with heart and patience that inspire me in learning yoga. I think I now have more confidence to learn and go further. Yoga is not just good for our bodies but also good for our minds. Let’s have a try!
Student ID : 2020001230
Batch Code : 2021/01/200/AM/OS/YTTCC/HK/1

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.
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