200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (5 June - 28 August 2015) - [ 05th June 2015 ~ 28th August 2015]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

Though studying this 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course which helped me to learn more philosophy and knowledge of yoga. I’m really enjoyed to take 30 hours of group class sessions to improve my yoga techniques from all professional instructors. Yoga is not only practice posture, but also soul training. I’m really enjoy to listen myself body now. Many thanks for Master Yogananth and Master Vishnu, I enjoyed their practice style. My training don’t stop at the end of the program, I will continue to practice advance training in the future at Anahata Yoga. Thanks all of your teaching and sharing.
Student ID : 2015000080
Batch Code : 2015/06/200/WEKND/YTTCC/HK/1

I had practiced yoga for 3 years, I want to have an improvement in my poses and would like to know more yoga theories and history, so I just get in this course. For the whole course, I like the practical part more as Yogananth is really experienced and patient, he really uses his heart to teach. He had adjusted my poses (in detail) that I never aware I am doing wrong. He is good and I may attend the Advanced Teacher Training next year. Also, because of this training course, I start to join the private classes here and learn from other master: Yoko, Mahesh and Melissa, all of them are kind and give good yoga advices for me. I will keep on learning here.
Student ID : 2015000558
Batch Code : 2015/06/200/WEKND/YTTCC/HK/1

I think the training course is quite good to learn yoga from traditional Indian. I can learn tradition in addition to yoga asanas. But still, many thanks to all masters in the teaching course and it brings a good start on yoga teaching to me. Many thanks.
Student ID : 2015000434
Batch Code : 2015/06/200/WEKND/YTTCC/HK/1

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