200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (5 June 2018 - 23 August 2018) - [ 05th June 2018 ~ 23rd August 2018]

FAQ  200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (5 June 2018 - 23 August 2018)

Why should I join Anahata Yoga’s Teacher Training Course? What is the difference between your training course and the others on offer in the market?

Please read our 10 Reasons to Join Our Teacher Training Course. That aside, there are three main advantages to joining our Teacher Training Courses:

1. We are very particular about our teaching method Our training courses are structured in the same way as those offered in India, and our yoga masters teach the classes in the same manner as they have learned in India. Taking part in our teacher training is therefore akin to taking yoga teacher trainings in India. In most other teacher training courses, students get a limited yoga education that is highly dependent on their teacher’s own training and knowledge. What happens is that there is a simple passage of knowledge from the teacher to the students, instead of a dynamic environment wherein students learn concepts and postures in a manner that they will be able to teach again in their own style. Moreover, the traditional core concepts and principles taught in a teacher training are very important in the understanding of yoga philosophy. Such knowledge is impossible to gain simply by reading books. In order to fully grasp the practical and philosophical tenets of yoga, one has to learn it from fully professional, well-trained, and experienced yoga masters who are able to thoroughly explain and demonstrate such concepts and practices.

2. Our courses are integrated and inclusive We cover most types of yoga and lineages in our teaching trainings so that students get a holistic view and understanding of what yoga is, how it was developed over the years, and how it is relevant today. Our courses are designed in such a way that includes as much depth and breadth of yoga history and philosophy as possible, and integrates both theoretical and practical aspects of the practice.

3. We continue training and helping our students even after they have completed the programme We make sure our students get teaching opportunities at other centres. In fact, other yoga studios in Hong Kong prefer to hire graduates of our teacher training courses because of their knowledge in various types of yoga, routines, and as well as their ability to develop their own sequences and teaching plans. Moreover, at Anahata Yoga, we hire only teachers who have completed our own Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

I am a complete beginner in yoga; I’ve never tried it before. May I still enrol in this course?

This course is not just limited to aspiring yoga teachers; it is open to everyone who is interested in learning about the fascinating history, origin, and philosophy of yoga. And since the 200 Hours Teacher Training Certificate Course is a basic foundation course, it is certainly suitable for those with no prior training or experience in the practice.

Can I enrol in this course even though I’m pregnant?

The 200 Hours Teacher Training Certificate Course is a beginner’s course and does not involve intensive yoga practice. We exclude the demonstration of asanas to pregnant women, but otherwise, if you are in your earlier stages of pregnancy (and your due date does not fall within the course duration), then yes, you are welcome to join the course. We have had pregnant women take up and successfully complete the course before.

What happens if I miss some classes?

We call the last week of the course Revision Week. During Revision Week, students who have missed classes or who have questions may request to go over those topics once again.

What is the age limit of this course?

There is no age limit, but students need to be at least 18 years old to join the course.

How are the exams conducted?

Exams are conducted in two parts, theory and practical. For the theory exam, you have multiple choice questions. Similar multiple choice questions will be given throughout the course to better prepare you for the exam. For the practical exam, we will conduct verbal question-and-answer sessions about yoga, the postures, and teaching techniques. Upon successful completion of both exams, you will receive the Course Graduation Certificate. Can I register with yoga alliance after I have completed the course? Yes, you can apply for the 200hrs RYT Yoga Alliance Registration. We can assist you with the application process.

Can I teach yoga after attending this course?

Yes, you can. Most of our Teacher Training graduates are now full-time yoga teachers in Hong Kong as well as volunteer teachers in charity organisations, such as the Yogananth Andiappan Community, where we offer opportunities to teach yoga in various places in Hong Kong. The Yogananth Andiappan Community is a non-profit organisation that aims to share the joy and health benefits of Andiappan Yoga teachings with as many people as possible. We organise social community events such as free yoga classes to the public in places with little access to yoga centre memberships. Our volunteers are all qualified yoga teachers with specializations to teach different groups of individuals, such as those with specific illnesses, disabilities, and the underprivileged.

As of today, our graduates have volunteered for the Yogananth Andiappan Community in partnership with the following organisations:

  • Changing Young Lives Foundation
  • Autism Partnership School
  • Yan Oi Tong
  • Hong Kong Eating Disorder Association
  • Quintessentially Foundation
  • Hong Kong Cancer fund

Once I have completed the teacher training, how could I further my knowledge in yoga practices and philosophy?

We recommend you to keep yourself under the guidance of an experienced master. Our masters are willing to give you full guidance and support even after you have completed the training. This is very important in staying inspired throughout your practice. You can also attend our other teacher training courses: Our Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programmes will give you the opportunity to explore advanced Hatha Yoga postures as well as the methods in teaching them. On the other hand, our Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Teacher Training Programme will teach you to tailor your own sequence of yoga poses to treat various ailments and conditions. You will also learn how to teach kids and pregnant women. At Anahata Yoga, there isn’t a shortage of inspiration and knowledge.

What happens if I miss the course I signed up for?

Students must provide a notice in writing if they are to miss the course / full module prior to the commencement date. There is an admin fee of HK500 (per module) and will subject to the next course’ availability.

Can you give me some reference for your Teacher Training graduates those who have completed your yoga teacher training course and running their own yoga studios?

We have many TT graduates currently teaching full time and part time in many yoga studios in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Some of our graduates are successfully running their own yoga studios in many part of the world including;

  1. Ivy Yip – YogaLaya, Kwai Fong Hong Kong
  2. Queenie – Studio Q, TST, Hong Kong
  3. Kosta Miachin – Vikasa Yoga – Thailand
  4. Mario Corella – Rancho Largo Yoga – Mexico
  5. Sharon Wong – Yoga Club Association, Hong Kong
  6. Ellen Yu – Yoga Club Association, Hong Kong
  7. Teresa Cheung – Yoga Fitness, Hong Kong
  8. Laura Shore – Green Frog, Hong Kong
  9. Supatcha Songcharoen – Little Yoga, Bangkok, Thailand
  10. Tanida Indrawati – Yoga Club Studio, Indonesia
  11. Elizabeth Rowan, Haven Yoga, USA
  12. Sylvie Tremblay – Yoga Sangha, Montreal, Canada
  13. Cindy Chow – Landmark Mandarin Hotel , Hong Kong
  14. Emilie Mognetti – Aix Yoga Center, France

How to cover the classes I missed in the YTT?

If you have missed up to three classes, you can send us the dates and the topics you missed and we can cover those topics during the revision class, which is the last date of the course. But if you have missed more than three classes you can retake the whole module during the upcoming YTT. However, these makeup classes must be taken within the next 6 months of your batch YTT and its subject to availability and payment of admin fee for each module. All communications in regards to the missed classes should be sent to ytt@anahatayoga.com.hk.

If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.