200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (24 Mar - 23 June 2015) - [ 24th March 2015 ~ 23rd June 2015]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

I would highly recommended the advance training as a path for all yoga practitioners. I first joined the training hoping to deepen my practice. The training was much more then I expected. Master Yogananths thoughtful guidance pushed every trainee to seek their limits. We tried many advance posture that we all thought we could never achieved. He also shared a lot of his teaching techniques and allowed us to experience yoga through other practitioner by aiding them and working in partner postures. The whole training was fun, rich and inspirational. I was so happy that I feel more connected with myself, my practice and my teaching. The whole training helped me to open a new path in yoga, spiritually and in practice. Truly thanks to Master Yogananth and Master Mahesh for their kind and heartful guidance.
Student ID : 2014003088
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1

I loved the course. It fitted in well with my busy lifestyle and working full time. I feel like I learnt a lot and will continue learning. It has been a great starting point.
Student ID : 2015000168
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1

It was a great experience to take this TTC program as the course content is well prepared and the instructors are very passionate in teaching sharing their yoga experience in self practice and in teaching aspect which can help me to prepare the future teaching path on yoga i have learnt the techniques on doing yoga postures which I didn’t know before and the most important is that course can let me know the important of each persons anatomy so that we can use a proper way to adust or modify ones postures. Thank you so much for all the master.
Student ID : 2015000311
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1

I have really enjoyed participating in the course and have learned a great deal about my own and others practice. I particularly enjoyed the practical part of the course, and learned much about the benefits, contradictions, variations and modifications of the asanas. I also enjoyed Yogananth s and Yogeshs light-­hearted approach, which is something that I would like to carry through into my own practice as a teacher. I also enjoyed the fact that Yogananth Is very appreciative about peoples different views and needs of yoga and is realistic about how one could integrate this into their daily life, without it becoming overwhelming for a complete beginner. Vishnu was also clearly very knowledgeable and has given me a great understanding of the anatomy of the body and how I can now use this to aid my practice. Overall, I am happy with my learning and my understanding of the teachings of the course. I look forward to putting my newfound knowledge into practice and developing this further.
Student ID : 2015000014
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1

In the course, I have gained a lot of knowledge on the history, philosophy and different stream of yoga. Our teachers tried their best to help us understand more about the theory and philosophy by telling us some interesting old Indian stories. By applying the theory into the stories, I can understand more about the eight limbs of yoga and some theories which are quite new and difficult to me. Apart from that, I also learned a lot about my body and how it works in different postures in yoga practice by learning different part of the body through understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body. What I love most about the course is the asana part and I think most of my classmates feel the same too. We learned how to do the posture properly and also help to adjust the posture of my partner. By practicing with my partner, I learn more about the strength and weakness by sharing experience with each other and doing the yoga practice together. I also learned how to use props like straps and yoga blocks in our practice. This kind of variations and modifications are useful in making the class more interesting.
Student ID : 2015000089
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1

I had been thinking to take an advance yoga teacher training for ages. I decided to take this training in Anahata Yoga because I know the origin of Yoga is from India, and their masters almost come from India. I could learn, explore its philosophy, theory, significant technique, and also their actual yoga knowledge in this training. Of course, it was every bit as good as I expected. I have improved in basic skills in asana, and also the sense of practicing, I will initially practice it any time once I am available. By this training, I understand about what is pranayama, how to control and practice the breathing and invented their benefit in our daily life. I have learned from this all rounded teacher training and it is not just from this all rounded teacher training and it is not just from the evening tutorial classes, and also group classes and morning Andiappan. Moreover, we have all needed to finish two assignments, which I have further known about yoga history and history of Hatha Yoga. I understand my learning is just new started. This 200 hours teacher training is only for my stepping stone. On the next stage, I have to practice the actual teaching technique through further teaching opportunity, to share my minimal knowledge with other people those are interested.
Student ID : 2015000192
Batch Code : 2015/03/200/AM/YTTCC/HK/1