100-hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (Tue & Thur Evening) - [ 29th October 2020 ~ 08th December 2020]

Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

I am an Osteopath, specialising in Women’s Health and Paediatrics – incorporating new skills to help expectant mothers in their pregnancy journey is initially my goal. I remember when I arrived to HK, 2 years ago, going to a yoga class and meeting a few people who had been practicing yoga for years and how it is implemented in their every day life routine – I was quite surprised of how many yoga studios was available in HK and how the general population praise it. I practiced yoga in the past and always enjoyed, not the class itself, but how it made me feel mentally and physically immediately after the class. I always use to drag myself to yoga classes at first, I didn’t really enjoy it, I use to find it pretty boring – until I actually develop a sense of wholesomeness and strength during the practice. From there on learning about yoga and how to practice yoga was an objective. My learning experience of this course – I would describe it as efficient and productive. I am very satisfied with the teaching and amazing skills in yoga of the masters that provided the course. I would have liked to spend more time practicing sequences for prenatal yoga during the evening sessions and experience feedback. I highly enjoyed going through and learning about Yoga Nidra – practicing and understanding. I personally think that practice makes the difference in becoming a good yoga teacher. Additionally, the course gave me a good recapitulative picture of what happens and the challenges expectant mother faces during their pregnancy – as I am a healthcare practitioner I have studied pregnancy for some time now, but I enjoyed going through things again. The content of the workbook is very thorough and complete. Overall, I am very satisfied to have done this course and I can’t wait to improve my skills in yoga and translate it to women to help and support them through, hopefully, a healthy and happy pregnancy.
Student ID : 2020001186
Batch Code : 2020/10/100/PM/OS/PNY/HK/1

I love this course and I enjoyed learning from each and every teacher. I love how Master Vishnu relate the previous knowledge (including anatomy and vayus) to the conditions of pregnancy at the beginning of the course. I am also inspired by the meditation practice guided by Master Dhiraj as the practice was super mind-healing. And of course, it is very rewarding to join this program as I learnt so much for modifying the poses to suit pregnant women’s need with the clear explanation and demonstration by Master Yogananth. As for the course design, due to the closure of the studio, our teaching assessment was moved to one week before the scheduled date. The time for preparation is sufficient but it would be better if there’s better synchronization between the examiner’s expectations and the requirements stated in the email. Also, I understand there might be fewer pregnant women coming to the studio for prenatal classes possibly due to Covid-19. But this seems to be a bit irrelevant to use 30 hours out of our 100-hour training to do regular group classes. Of course the group classes in the studio are all very nice and I enjoyed them very much. However, it will be even better if the studio still opens the prenatal yoga classes for we the RPYT students to register and experience how a 60-hour prenatal class would actually carry out (as at least 4 of them are pregnant and we can observe how the master would manage their conditions).
Student ID : 2020001030
Batch Code : 2020/10/100/PM/OS/PNY/HK/1

The prenatal yoga teacher class has deepened my knowledge about pregnancy, including the hormones change and pregnancy in different stages. More importantly, I gain more insight of what yoga poses should be emphasized and avoided to ease the common symptoms during pregnancy. I feel more confident to teach students especially for pregnant students now. Namaste!
Student ID : 2020000679
Batch Code : 2020/10/100/PM/OS/PNY/HK/1

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