Student Feedback

Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

Good teaching by all the teachers.
Student ID : 2019001403
Batch Code : 2019/11/100/AM/PNY/HK/1

I really enjoyed all the classes but would have liked to see more about the physical and functional anatomy of the pregnant women’s body.
Student ID : 2017000941
Batch Code : 2019/11/100/AM/PNY/HK/1

Through this training course I have discovered interest in meditation, and it is something I would like to pursue the next time I have time. It was great to be able to understand safe poses for expected mothers, I would definitely practise for my next pregnancy. I would also like to study meditation too next. Thank you, it was a pleasant learning experience from all the yoga masters!
Student ID : 2019001337
Batch Code : 2019/11/100/AM/PNY/HK/1

Thank you Anahata Yoga for this amazing experience. I enjoyed this training learning from knowledgeable teachers. The environment is welcoming and inspiring to practice. Enjoyed every hour of my teacher training and practice here.
Student ID : 2019000004
Batch Code : 2019/11/100/AM/PNY/HK/1