100-hours Pranayama and Meditation Teacher Training Course (Mon, Wed & Fri Morning) - [ 05th September 2022 ~ 03rd October 2022]


How does this course help me?

Learn the basics of breathing and meditation and how it influences the body and mind.


* Meditation and its philosophy

Learn the history and origin of meditative practices, and the stages of its evolution over time.

*The great masters of meditation

Learning meditation is walking into no man’s land. To understand meditation and its practices, the best way is to learn about different masters who have walked down this path, the various techniques they developed which works wonders for our body and mind.

*An introduction to pranas, chakras, koshas, gunas, and nadis

To understand how one’s physical and energy body is influenced by their breathing patterns, thought process and how it leads to the heightened consciousness, that awakens the energy layer of the body.

*Body, mind and breath connection

This module covers the various stages the body, mind, and breath during meditation practice. To learn the findings of the various scientific research into the

Practical module

This practical module will cover the basic steps to meditation and practice of various breathing and meditation techniques. A detailed course manual will be provided to the students with various tools that are needed for both practicing and teaching meditation class.

  • Yogic breathing techniques which connect the body and the mind
  • Techniques and tools to help concentration practice.
  • Various meditation techniques
  • Pranayama, mindfulness, concentration, visualization, contemplation, mantra, Japa mala, sound (nada) and yoga Nidra
  • Integration of meditative techniques in our yoga practice and daily lifestyle
  • Application of meditation as an integrative therapy for various conditions in yoga
  • Preparation and methodology to teach breathing and meditation classes
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