100-hours Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course (Saturday Morning and Afternoon) - [ 02nd November 2024 ~ 07th December 2024]

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Hear what our past and present students have to say about our Teacher Training Programmes.

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Having not done a foundation yoga teacher training course, I feel that I am still lacking in technical knowledge, such as how to guide the children step by step into the poses. Although I am confident that will come with practice, I would have benefitted from more instruction onn the technical side of how to teach children the steps of how to move into poses. I really enjoyed hearing the personal experiences from Master Vishnu, Master Dyana and Master Yogananth. I have truly deepened my own practice through the Andiappan sessions. Ethan, Jeremy and Trishna were charming and it was a pleaure to meet them.
Student ID : 2022000393
Batch Code : 2023/01/100/PM/OS/KYT/HK/1

I appreciate all the masters coming and sharing with us their experience in teaching kids
Student ID : 2018001357
Batch Code : 2022/07/100/PM/OS/KYT/HK/1

Most people think when you finished a 200hrs YTT teaching kids should not be a problem, But teaching kids is very different to teaching adults. Most kids are hard to control and sometimes not able to focus. But in this kids yoga teacher training I learned the knowledge and skills how to teach kids of various age groups. The teachers of this teacher training are very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching kids yoga. Especially Master Yogananth has unique skills to introduce yoga to kids and learning from him is an amazing experience. I very much enjoyed the kid’s yoga teacher training and I look forward to teaching kids and assisting the masters in the kid’s yoga class. We taught and interacted with kids during the very memorable teacher training. But when we learn more skills from Master Yogananth, you will find many interesting tips to keep children focused and obedient, I enjoy the kid yoga.
Student ID : 2020001247
Batch Code : 2021/09/100/PM/OS/KYT/HK/1

Overall I found this course very interesting and I managed to learn a lot of topics on how to teach kids, kid’s anatomy so I think it was designed appropriately. I also enjoyed getting to know and practice different poses with my fellow students during the 3-hour sessions. I think the only area we did not cover in detail was how yoga can help kids in various kinds of sports. Also what was very helpful was the opportunity to observe the kids’ yoga classes at the studio taught by our Masters as well.
Student ID : 2018000402
Batch Code : 2021/04/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

This Kids Yoga YTT helped me discover why yoga is so important for children in our world today · Learn how it is different than adult yoga and how to best teach children. · See the benefits of yoga for kids including how to teach yoga to children that will give them the skills that will last for life. · Practice the best breathing exercises, poses, techniques will be taught that will help kids remain calm and focused in their daily activities. · Child-friendly yoga poses, games, exercises, and activities are shown that actually help children practice and remember the yoga postures. · Learn the best mindfulness tips and relaxation techniques that really work with kids. And once again, thank you Master for their guidance.
Student ID : 2019001929
Batch Code : 2021/04/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

This was a holistic kids’ yoga teacher training learning experience. I am content with it and very happy with the learning process.
Student ID : 2019001313
Batch Code : 2021/04/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

It was a great learning experience .
Student ID : 2020000384
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

I enjoyed learning about the techniques taught to engage the kids in a yoga class in a fun way like different themes ,games etc.
Student ID : 2019000086
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

Unfortunately this course was done half online which prevented us to have a face to face interaction with the group and the teachers. However some topics such as meditation was very well done by the master. The practical part was also good. I think we should do more asanas practices. The practical assessment could not be completed as the covid 19 hit again and i understand all business has to be closed for some time. I enjoyed this training.
Student ID : 2018001310
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

The kids yoga lessons are full of fun. I learnt a lot of knowledge about the kids yoga and how to teach children. Master are excellent and highly experienced.
Student ID : 2020000014
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

It is a valuable kids yoga teacher training with good masters. Besides, I can learn from both online and traditional face to face. The school provided a flexible management of the classes during this time. Thanks!
Student ID : 2019001801
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

I am Eliz, IYATT-3879. I joined kids yoga teacher training at Anahata during May26 until June 18,2020. This is an eye-opening experience after all. Thank you so much Master Yogananth, Master Dhiraj and Master Mahesh. They are professional, patience and passionate. Due to Covid-19, a few online classes were held at the beginning, but it did not have much impact on masters and students. They have given us a clear picture of children’s physical and more importantly mental and social growth at different age. This has prepared us a lot on planning the class sequence for children in future. They share different idea of how to control the class in fun way. I believed that I learn a lot during this course. During the kids yoga teacher training, i understand that yoga is not just asana, learning meditation and pranayama is necessary too. I like yoga and I became healthy after practicing yoga. I hope to spread this healthy activities to more people and let everyone know the advantages of learning yoga. I hope everyone healthy and strong. Namaste.
Student ID : 2019000592
Batch Code : 2020/05/100/AM/OS/KYT/HK/1

The course is amazing learning experience. I have learnt so much about kids yoga and its application from the best experienced masters. I also got chances to observe how they teach kids yoga and a chance to teach the kids myself. Thank you Anahata Yoga Masters for teaching from the heart!
Student ID : 2018001362
Batch Code : 2019/06/100/PM/KYT/HK/1

This is an eye-opening experience after all. The teachers have given us a clear picture of children’s physical and more importantly mental and social growth at different age. This has prepared us a lot on planning the class for children. Also, various approaches were introduced to make the class interesting to children, and we, as adults, enjoyed a lot too while learning! The course was a rather comprehensive one, children from a young age to teenage stage were covered in the syllabus. All in all it is a fabulous experience that was truly educational and informative.
Student ID : 2017000404
Batch Code : 2019/06/100/PM/KYT/HK/1

Being part of the Anahata Kids Yoga 100hrs YTT was amazing. Master Mahesh, Master Dhiraj, Master Vishnu, Master Raja and Master Yogananth are truly committed to the well being of the members and practitioners. I am forever thankful and hope to share with others and spread their teaching and practice.
Student ID : 2018000038
Batch Code : 2019/06/100/PM/KYT/HK/1

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