100-hours Kids Yoga Teacher Training (5 June 2019 - 17 July 2019) - [ 05th June 2019 ~ 17th July 2019]

About the Chief Faculty

About Dr. Yogananth Andiappan, Ph.D

Founder & Director, Anahata Yoga; Faculty, Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course Hailing from a family of yoga masters, Dr. Yogananth Andiappan, Ph.D. has himself started learning yoga at the young age of two. His father, Dr. Asana Andiappan is a well-known yoga guru in India.

Over the years, the younger Andiappan has taught and assisted his father in teaching yoga at schools, to children with special needs, and in hospitals. Their work has been recognized by various government and non-government bodies and honored for contributing to the field of yoga research in India. In 1995, Dr.

Yogananth Andiappan released his book, Yoga for Student’s Health at age 15; it has been used and referenced as a yoga practice handbook in schools across India. He is in the process of publishing another kids’ yoga book in Hong Kong, featuring his two young sons.

Since 2003, Dr. Yogananth Andiappan has been teaching yoga for children in Hong Kong, and today he is one of the city’s most sought-after instructors for kids’ yoga. Through the Andiappan Yoga Community (www.yogacommunity.org) , Dr. Yogananth Andiappan has taught yoga for children with special needs.

He has also supported research studies on yoga for youth outreach programmes, where yoga is taught to teenagers at risk due to social and environmental circumstances.

Attend one of Dr. Yogananth Andiappan’s kids’ yoga classes at Anahata Yoga and join in on the fun alongside other children and their yoga-loving families!

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