100-hours Inversion Teacher Training Certificate Course (Friday Evening & Saturday Afternoon) - [ 11th February 2022 ~ 19th March 2022]

Course Date: 11 February 2022 – 19 March 2022

Please see the attached file for the tentative course  schedule – 100 hrs Inversion Yoga Teacher Training Course 11 Feb 2022 batch

What are/were the COVID – 19 Safety Measures for the ongoing and upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Class Arrangements made by Anahata Yoga Studio during the Jan 2022 Lockdown and prior lockdowns?

Since 2020 April  we have been running all our group and teacher training classes both online and face to face learning mode. Students have the option to choose and attend the classes in any learning mode to complete the teacher training course.

As you know the HK government has  recently announced to temporarily close all the yoga/fitness studios, we are currently running regular online / live stream classes.  All our ongoing teacher training courses are  currently being held online and students are completing the course via online learning mode as per the course schedule.

If you wish to join the teacher training course now and should the studio remain closed for face to face classes during the start of the teacher training course you enrolled and are not able to take the classes online we give the following options.

OPTION 1: Online Class Participation Option: Students who wish to take the live and interactive online classes may also choose to attend teacher training classes, recommended group and Andiappan Yoga classes, and complete the practical assessment online, and submit written assignments online. .

OPTION 2: Batch Transfer Option: You can apply for a one-time free batch transfer before the start of the current course to another upcoming batch which starts within the next six months of the current course start date. You have to choose two batch options to request for this batch transfer. Please note once the batch transfer is approved (subject to availability), all the teacher training classes must be completed within the same batch.

OPTION 3: Missed Classes Retake Option: If the studio remains closed for face to face teacher training classes, you can choose to do the  the teacher training theory topics such as the yoga intro module, yoga anatomy module through interactive online learning mode.

For students who wish not to attend the practical part of the teacher training online during the mandatory closure of yoga studios, we give the following options.

You can skip attending the online classes in the current batch and join the teacher training classes when the classes are moved back to the studio.  You can apply to retake the practical classes in another upcoming batch (subject to availability) and complete the missed practical classes. Please note you have six months to complete the remaining classes (online or studio classes) from the current batch commencement date. Due to mandatory Covid lockdown measures, we will waive the class retake admin fee for one time.

Any offers, promotions, or special approvals given to original batch students will not be given to the batch transfer/ retake students who choose any one of the above arrangements.

At Anahata, we strive to give the best learning experience possible and to help you stay inspired on your yoga journey.

Who we are

Anahata Yoga is a premier yoga centre based in the heart of the Central district. It is best known for offering the most authentic yoga experience available in Hong Kong, with classes led by Indian instructors hailing from different lineages devoted to the practice and study of yoga.

As a centre, Anahata Yoga is fully committed to fostering a community of yoga practitioners who are not only equipped with the skills to perform yoga as a daily activity but as well as the knowledge to live out yoga as a lifestyle.

About the course

About Anahata Yoga Accredited  “100hrs Inverse Yoga Teacher Training Course”

Anahata Yoga’s accredited Inversion Yoga Teacher Training is designed with the developmental needs of our students at the centre – learning to understand the physical and mental challenges of the inversion poses and how to appropriately teach these poses safely is fundamental to a yoga teacher’s skill set.  The core of our teacher training program is to provide our students with the knowledge and skill to enable them to then teach inversion poses with awareness for the unique anatomy and physiology needs of their students.  Also, to skill them with a wide variety of methods and tools to tailor their teaching appropriately and with confidence.

Our faculty of teachers who are teaching this inversion teacher training are from the andiappan yoga tradition.  They have embedded yoga into their daily lifestyle and understand the importance of teaching the foundation yogic practices in a manner that enables the students to build a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga journey. 

All of our teachers have substantial experience as yoga teachers and in teaching inversion and inversion-themed classes, workshops, private classes – they all have extensive experience in transforming students’ practices and capabilities, to levels where the students can practice basic to advanced postures with confidence and in a safe manner without fear for risk of injury.

Why us?

We recognize that yoga is a popular pursuit in Hong Kong. People seek it out for its health benefits and often incorporate it into their active lifestyles. However, yoga instruction is not equal among the various yoga centers in Hong Kong. This is where our accredited Teacher Training Courses make all the difference.

Our courses are accredited by and offered in conjunction with, Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre in India. This is the first time outside of India that such a program is being offered.

Our classes are designed and taught in the same way as our instructors are taught. Predominantly from India, our instructors are fully learned not only in the practice of their discipline but also in the history and philosophy behind the practice. The resulting combination of grassroots knowledge both practical and theoretical in our programs give students more in-depth learning that they may be able to find elsewhere in Hong Kong.


International Yoga Academy is a registered school with Yoga Alliance and Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre, Chennai, India (www.andiappanyoga.com).

Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training courses around the globe. We offer assistance to students interested in applying for a Yoga Alliance Registration after completing a teacher training course.

About Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre – Chennai, South India is known throughout the world for its contribution to Yogic Science. Founded by Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan in 1950, it is meticulously run by Dr. Asana Andiappan and Trust Members, all of whom have over 50 years of experience in Yogasanas and Naturopathy. It is the only yoga college and research center recognized by the government as well as two universities in India.

Located in Chennai, South India, the center runs various yoga programmes as well as free awareness camps that are aided and supported by various government and private organisations. It has been collaborating with various medical universities, hospitals and organisations that run research programmes on yoga and its therapeutic benefits. The centre is also home to the widely read Asana International Yoga Journal (www.asanajournal.com) , which has a readership of 200,000 and growing, in India and around the world.

Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre also has accredited franchisee centers in over 30 countries that run yoga programmes, and teacher training courses.

Class Schedule – Yoga Teacher Training Classes

Teacher Training Classes
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Teacher Training Theory and Practical
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Teacher Training Theory and Practical


Please note the teacher training class will start on 11 February 2022 at the time mentioned above, and no bookings are required.

Group Practice classes (30hrs) are recommended for the YTT students to keep regular practice before and during the training period and after each class, students can interact with the teachers and ask questions about the practice. The teacher can also write a remark on the YTT attendance sheet and give you guidance on how to improve your yoga practice and teaching skills.

Andiappan Yoga Classes 12 classes 2hrs each (24 hrs): Andiappan Yoga classes as part of the teacher training learning. There are also Andiappan Yoga classes conducted for ongoing YTT students where they get to interact with the teachers and ask questions from the syllabus about their practice and improve on their limitations. This class can bring breakthroughs in your yoga journey and boost confidence to share the knowledge with students.

This class will equip students with the knowledge to develop a sequence for self-practice which they can do at home or while traveling. The ability to put together a sequence to meet one’s goals while taking into consideration one’s limitations will be very important when one starts to teach.

You can start attending these group and andiappan yoga classes from the next date of your enrollment and you have until 19 April 2022 to complete these classes.  All ongoing YTT students have the privilege of booking 4 days in advance by calling the studio or at the reception. Booking can also be made by app and website 3 days in advance. There is no priority booking for morning Andiappan Yoga classes. Students may also walk in and wait before the class for peak hour classes.

There are also Andiappan Yoga classes exclusively scheduled for ongoing Yoga Teacher Training students  (example: Andiappan Yoga – Back Bending (YTT))

Assesement/ Quiz / Self-study/ Demonstration(12 hrs):

You will be given free access (for the duration of the whole teacher training) to a vast video archive of yoga poses video library where you can practice and fine-tune the techniques explained in the teacher training class during the training program. 

You will also have access to self-assessment quizzes which are useful learning tools to become familiar with inversion pose names, anatomy, and physiology elements for inversion poses, and reinforce understanding across all elements of the course curriculum

** Group Practice classes, Andiappan Yoga Classes: can be also attended through online classes. Students can choose to come to the studio or practice at the comfort of their home. Please check our class schedule for exclusive online group and andiappan yoga classes.


The Teacher Training classes will be held at the Anahata Yoga Studio, One Lyndhurst Tower, No. 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Hong Kong.


If you have been practicing regularly and if you have a keen interest in further deepening your practice in inversion poses, yes you can join this course. This course is structured from basics and introduces a student to start an inversion journey from the foundation knowledge. You can take this course as intensive training but if you keen on teaching others, we recommend you complete the 200hrs foundation yoga teacher training course before or after this course and you can then start sharing or teaching these inversion techniques to others.

If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.