100-hours Inversion Teacher Training Certificate Course (Saturday Afternoon) - [ 24th February 2024 ~ 04th May 2024]

Teacher Training Classes
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Teacher Training Theory and Practical

Please note the teacher training class will start on 24 Feb 2024 at the time mentioned above, and no bookings are required.

Group Practice classes (30hrs) are recommended for the YTT students to keep regular practice before and during the training period and after each class, students can interact with the teachers and ask questions about the practice. The teacher can also write a remark on the YTT attendance sheet and give you guidance on how to improve your yoga practice and teaching skills.

Andiappan Yoga Classes 12 classes 2hrs each (24 hrs): Andiappan Yoga classes as part of the teacher training learning. There are also Andiappan Yoga classes conducted for ongoing YTT students where they get to interact with the teachers and ask questions from the syllabus about their practice and improve on their limitations. This class can bring breakthroughs in your yoga journey and boost confidence to share the knowledge with students.

This class will equip students with the knowledge to develop a sequence for self-practice which they can do at home or while traveling. The ability to put together a sequence to meet one’s goals while taking into consideration one’s limitations will be very important when one starts to teach.

You can start attending these group and andiappan yoga classes from the next date of your enrollment and you have until 4 June 2024 to complete these classes. All ongoing YTT students can book and cancel recommended group classes, Andiappan Yoga Classes, Andiappan Yoga YTT classes 3 days in advance via the Mindbody online booking system app and also via the schedule page in our website. Students may also walk in and wait before the class for peak hour classes.

There are also Andiappan Yoga classes exclusively scheduled for ongoing Yoga Teacher Training students  (example: Andiappan Yoga – Back Bending (YTT))

Assesement/ Quiz / Self-study/ Demonstration(12 hrs):

You will be given free access (for the duration of the whole teacher training) to a vast video archive of yoga poses video library where you can practice and fine-tune the techniques explained in the teacher training class during the training program.

You will also have access to self-assessment quizzes which are useful learning tools to become familiar with inversion pose names, anatomy, and physiology elements for inversion poses, and reinforce understanding across all elements of the course curriculum

** Group Practice classes, Andiappan Yoga Classes: can be also attended through online classes. Students can choose to come to the studio or practice at the comfort of their home. Please check our class schedule for exclusive online group and andiappan yoga classes.

If you wish to enquire more details about the teacher training course or about early bird spot availability please WhatsApp to our Business account, our staff can assist you.