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Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Swami Satyananda yoga Nidra is a simple yet profound technique adapted by swmai satyananda Saraswati from the traditional tantric practice of nyasa. This text explains the theory of yoga Nidra in both yogic and scientific terms and includes Class transcriptions of the practice.

It also presents the various applications of this versatile technique, which has been used for deep relaxation, in stress management and therapy, to enhance the learning process in education, to harmonize the deeper unconscious and awaken inner potential, and as a meditative techniques. A research section is also included.

The book covers various aspects of yoga, including meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and relaxation methods to help you achieve a state of tranquility. This first digital edition is a must-have for anyone interested in improving their overall well-being through yoga. Discover the benefits of Yoga Nidra as you delve deeper into the practice, regardless of your skill level or country of origin.

This book is an excellent addition to your yoga collection, written by a reputable author and publisher. Get your hands on this book to explore the world of Yoga Nidra and experience deep relaxation.

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 261

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