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7 Singing Bowls for 7 Chakras

Introducing our exquisite set of 7 Singing Bowl Chakras, a harmonious fusion of sound and spirituality. Crafted with utmost precision, each singing bowl resonates with a specific chakra, creating a captivating symphony of healing vibrations.

Immerse yourself in the soothing tones and let the powerful energy flow through your body, restoring balance and alignment. From the vibrant red root chakra to the serene violet crown chakra, this set offers a transformative journey through the seven energy centers.

Elevate your meditation, sound healing, and spiritual practices with these divine singing bowls.

7 Bowls are tuned to different sounds to align seven chakras.  It comes with 3 Mallet sticks and 3 support cushions. You also get 1 month complimentary access to website where you can watch video how the singing bowls are played in yoga classes.

  • This product has to picked up with the proof of purchase  at the address below No Shipping option available.

  • Anahata Yoga, 20/F, One Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

  • This purchase/payment made is non refundable.

HK$ 5880