Online yoga classes with our professional and experienced yoga masters.

Over 100 classes per week that is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners

Please whatsapp +852 5614 8323 your name, email address to book a free ONLINE trial class.

Highlights of our Online Yoga Classes
  • All the teachers and masters have over ten years of experience in yoga practice and teaching.
  • Our classes are conducted live by an experienced teacher and are not pre-recorded.
  • Our classes are interactive and students are given an opportunity to ask questions by typing them in the chat window. These questions are promptly attended to by our teachers at the end of the class.
  • We have a variety of classes which are suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels.
  • Regular day-to-day online classes will be provided aimed to motivate you to become consistent in your yoga practices at the comfort of your home or office and to stay healthy.

To get started with your online yoga class, you can email to or WhatsApp us on +852 5614 8323

Anahata Yoga’s online classes are hosted by International Yoga Academy, Hong Kong. To view  the online class schedule please visit this page International Yoga Academy’s website

Buy the online yoga class packages 

Click here to sign-up for an online yoga package or if you wish to buy additional class coupons to attend the online classes.

Step by Step guide how to book the online class

Click here to read the step by step guide How to use Glofox online booking system which explains how to book and attend an online Yoga Classes. Please note the Glofox system is only used to book Online Classes and not classes conducted at the Anahata Yoga Studio. 

Four types of online classes are offered 

One hour online yoga class

These are one hour class that are listed in the schedule page, The online classes can be booked directly on glofox online class booking system.  Once a package is purchased, an account will be set up for you to book directly.  Once booked, the online class zoom link will be sent to you directly.

Exclusive two hours Andiappan Yoga Class (themed)

An exclusive class to International Yoga Academy and Anahata Yoga students.  This 2 hrs class is suitable for students who wish to progress in their yoga journey to the next level.  These classes provide a detailed learning opportunity to give students a thorough learning experience of each theme such as back bending, front bending, shoulder and upper back, hips and hamstrings, twisting, inversion, core strength and the wall series.  These themed classes are only suitable for regular and experienced yoga practitioners as well as yoga teachers. 

Please purchase any one of the online packages with this link 

Online private yoga and meditation class (1 on 1 Session) 

This private class is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.  This is a class where you can interact with our highly qualified and experienced teachers who will tailor make the practice to meet your specific goals. 

Please purchase any one of the online packages with this link 

Online Corporate yoga and meditation class  

Suitable for companies who would like to provide an online class yoga and meditation class to its team to destress, energize and improve their overall health both physically and psychologically.  The class will offer an opportunity to interact with the highly qualified and experienced teachers who can tailor the yoga class to meet the objectives.  This class can be tailor made as per the students level.

For enquiries, please email or WhatsApp +852 5614 8323

Online Teacher Training Courses

A range of accredited Yoga Teacher Training courses are offered online via live stream.  This will enable each participant an opportunity to interact with our experienced course faculties and to ask questions and seek clarifications.  Please refer to the link below for the online yoga teacher training courses offered

Please refer below for details about how to book and attend our online yoga classes
  • Purchase any one online yoga package here 
  • Once purchased, kindly give us 1 working day to input your purchase in the online class booking system  and send you the login details.  You can also send a WhatsApp message to +852 9299 0753 with the screen shot of your purchase confirmation to activate your online class booking system.
  • Click here to read the step by step guide How to use Glofox online booking system which explains how to book and attend an online Yoga Classes.
  • Login to your Glofox online class booking system and book the class you wish to attend. Upon a confirmed booking, Glofox will send you a online zoom link directly to your email. 
  • When you click the zoom online platform link, please enter your name on zoom to ensure the teacher know who they are interacting with when a question is asked and to corrections durining the class.
  • Always log into the Zoom online platform at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class and wait for the teacher to admit you into the class.
  • Please don’t share the online class link with anyone.
  • By purchasing the online package, booking the class and attending the online classes, you have agreed to the set out terms and conditions, waiver and disclaimer policies in the product purchase detail page.

If you encounter any technical issues during the online session, please send us a message on WhatsApp at +852 9299 0753 and kindly wait for a response.

What platform do we use to conduct these online classes?

We use the Zoom software for all the online sessions.  You can download ZOOM here if you don’t have the app installed already. 

Please make sure the name, email, and phone number you register with zoom are the same as the one provided during the registration of your package. 

What is the time zone listed on the schedule page?

Please note that the schedule for all the classes is in GMT + 8 (Hong Kong Time).

How to attend this online class? What device do you need to attend the online classes?

You are required to have a device (Tablet PC / Notebook) with a good quality front-facing camera and a good quality speaker that you can place in front of you during the class.

Late and the early cancellation policy

The absent and late cancellation policy of the online classes are at least three hours before the scheduled classes or your package will be deducted accordingly for the missed class.

Online practice waiver and disclaimer

By purchasing the package, or signing up for the class, or attending the online classes, you agree to the terms and conditions, the waiver, and disclaimer policies.

No Sharing Account Information 

You must not share your zoom online platform username and password with others.

You may be asked to keep your camera ON during the class, and the we reserve the right to remove the student from the class without any refund.

Please make sure your internet connection has a good speed and also the devices you use, Glofox app, Zoom app and your operating system softwares are regularly updated to get the best user experience.  

If you have any questions, please kindly send us an email at or text us on WhatsApp +852 5614 8323 ( Message only no Calls)