Yoga Packages

Suspension Fee 60 days

  • I understand  and agree that I must  submit  valid documents  that match the date of my requested suspension period. (Example: Medical Certificate, Confirmed Air Ticket etc).

  • I understand  and agree the suspension only applies for annual group memberships and not for private class packages and not for teacher trainings.

  • I understand and agree, for monthly dues membership I will be charged regular monthly dues until  the one year minimum obligation, suspension will only be considered after the minimum obligation period.

  • I understand and agree once the suspension is approved I cannot change, modify, extend and cancel the suspension period.

  • I understand and agree that no suspension is given for coupon packages.

  • I understand  and agree that I must give a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior notice together with the proof for the suspension request for travel reasons.

  • I understand  and agree all suspension requests must be made in advance. No retroactive suspensions are permitted.

  • I understand and agree my membership period will only be extended only after the payment of the suspension fee.

  • I understand and agree for medical suspension in excess of 15 days, proof on ongoing doctor visits, treatments such as physio or chiropractor must be submitted together with the suspension request.

  • I also understand and agree that my suspension period is for minimum duration of one month and a maximum of two months over a twelve (12) months period, and that I will be charged HK$ 200 each month as admin fee. I further understand  and agree that during the suspension period I cannot use the Center’s facilities and  book classes.

  • I understand and agree that all the fees paid are non-refundable.

  • Read and agree to our terms and conditions and studio usage policy.

  • To pay through bank transfer please refer to the Bank Account Details: HSBC Account Number : 400 565 560 001, Anahata Yoga Limited. You can also do the transfer by FPS to this number 56148323 (Anahata Yoga Business WhatsApp account number). Once the transfer is done please send the transfer confirm acknowledgement by WhatsApp to +852 5614 8323 or email

Online Price  :  400.00 HKD
The purchase of group/private classes packages is exclusive for online purchase only. Intro offers are available to new members 1st time purchase only.

All group/private class packages validity starts from the date of purchase unless you wish to start later, please mention in the purchase notes. .

Once the payment is made, this purchase cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or shared.

Only 1 class per day, 2 classes per day, Unlimited classes annual membership class packages can book andiappan yoga classes. Short term packages, 6 classes per month 1 year package, coupon class packages cannot be used to book 2hr andiappan yoga classes.

Andiappan Yoga YTT classes are specifically designed for ongoing yoga YTT students, while there are also other regular Andiappan yoga classes that are open to both ongoing ytt students and annual package members (booked as per the membership privileges).

Short term and coupon class packages cannot be suspended for whatso ever reason.

The company reserves the right to change the class schedule, course dates or instructors without any notice.

Any queries please contact our sales support here .