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What is the fee for this upgrade to the RYT 500 program and any options to pay in instalments?

Ongoing YTT students Upgrading to RYT 500 Program

The course fee for the RYT 500 upgrade program is HKD 59,500

If you have already made a payment of HKD 29,000 for the 200hrs Foundation Course that you are currently studying with us, you only need to pay the remaining fee of HKD 30,500 to complete the remaining 300 hours of courses and attain the RYT 500.

Please note in order to enjoy this upgrade offer you will have to confirm your upgrade 10 days before  the last date of your currently ongoing teacher training course. This upgrade option is only available to ongoing YTT students only.

If you miss this deadline then you can choose to pay the Anahata YTT graduate course fee and complete the remaining 300hrs courses.

Bank Transfer Course Fee Payment offer

If you pay the upgrade course fee in full by bank transfer, you’ll get a complimentary 1 class per day 1 month membership (worth HKD 1888). The 1 class per day, 1 month complimentary package will be activated after the completion of your RYT 500 courses. You may also choose to activate it earlier if you wish, and use it or give it to a friend who is not a member of Anahata Yoga.

Amex Credit Card Interest Free Instalment Payment Option

If you prefer to pay for the upgrade course using an Amex credit card with an interest-free instalment program, there will be an additional admin fee of HKD 300.

Instalment program

The course fee by 50 – 50  instalment payment scheme is HKD 60,800.

You can still deduct the amount you have already paid for the 1st course and payment balance in 2 instalments. (Example HKD 60,800 – HKD 29,000 = Balance Amount to pay is HKD 31,800)

You need to pay 50% of the course fee when you enrol in the uprage of the RYT 500 program.

The remaining 50% should be paid within 2 months from the 1st upgrade instalment payment date.

If you choose the 50- 50 instalment fee payment option, the recommended group and Andiappan yoga classes for the 2nd course will start as soon as you enrol and end one month after the 2nd course ends.

Once you have paid the remaining 50% of the course fee, you can begin the group and Andiappan yoga classes for the next course(s). These classes will expire one month after the end date of those course(s).

Please note that the expiration dates for the recommended group and Andiappan classes will remain the same as your original enrolment batch, regardless of whether you decide to change the course or the batch of your enrolled teacher training course.

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