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What if I miss some classes in the teacher training batch I enrolled, can I retake in another batch?

Please note, you’ll have the option to attend all the classes of the course through an online via Zoom. This means that even if you’re traveling, you can still join the class online. The link to access the teacher training class will be available in your student portal.

If you happen to miss up to three classes in the teacher training, don’t worry. There will be a revision class held on last week Sunday afternoons during your batch timings where you can catch up on the topics and poses you missed. The teacher will cover those missed materials during these revision classes.

However, if you miss more than three classes and you want to retake them in another batch, you can apply for module retake. Details about this retake process can be found on this page https://www.anahatayoga.com.hk/yoga-teacher-training-missed-classes-module-retake/

If you informed us about the dates of the classes you’ll be missing during the admission process, you won’t have to pay the retake fee of HKD 500 per module, you can fill in the missing dates in the teacher training application form. This is because those missed classes were already approved for retake when you enrolled.

But if you miss more than 3 classes after starting the course, and if you wish to retake the missing classes, you will be required to pay the retake fee of HKD 500 per module.

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