What is the fee for this RYT 500 program and options to pay in instalments?

Full Course Fee Payment – RYT 500 Program

The fee for the RYT 500 program is HKD 58,000.

If you prefer to pay for the course using an Amex credit card with an interest-free instalment program, there will be an additional admin fee of HKD 300.  (HKD 58,000 +300)

When you choose to pay with the above two options, you will have a generous time duration of 2 years to complete the group and Andiappan yoga classes required for your RYT 500 teacher training courses.

Full payment – Bank Transfer Payment Offer

If you pay  course fee in full by bank transfer, you’ll get a complimentary 1 class per day 1 month membership (worth HKD 1888) and a HKD 500 Tonic brand Yoga outfit coupon.

The TONIC brand yoga outfit coupon can be used to shop yoga outfit in our studio’s proshop and is valid for 1 month from the date of course fee payment.

The 1 class per day, 1 month complimentary package will be activated after the last teacher training assignment deadline date. You may also choose to activate it earlier if you wish, and use it or give it to a friend who is not a member of Anahata Yoga.

Instalment program

The course fee for the instalment payment scheme is HKD 60,800.

You need to pay 50% of the course fee when you enrol in the RYT 500 program.

The remaining 50% should be paid 7 days before the end date of the first course.

If you choose the 50- 50 instalment fee payment option, the recommended group and Andiappan yoga classes for the first course will start as soon as you enrol and end one month after the first course ends.

Once you have paid the remaining 50% of the course fee, you can begin the group and Andiappan yoga classes for the next course(s). These classes will expire one month after the end date of those course(s).

Please note that the expiration dates for the recommended group and Andiappan classes will remain the same as your original enrolment batch, regardless of whether you decide to change the course or the batch of your enrolled teacher training course.