How to observe the Andiappan Yoga Community Classes?

As part of the ongoing Teacher Training course, you are invited to visit, observe and participate in some Andiappan Yoga Community Onsite / Online Community Projects listed below.  You can start attending these observartion classes once your YTT classes has began. You don’t have to wait for any instructions but follow the guidelines below to and observe Andiappan Yoga Community’s projects.

After each class is observed, please fill in the observation form below.  Although it’s not compulsory, attending and observing the classes will provide hands-on experience of how yoga is introduced and taught to different segments of the society such as the “Financially Disadvanced Group”.   It will enable you to understand and appreciate how simple yogic practices can help bring positive changes to people’s lives.

Please note only the following Community Projects can be chosen to observe during the teacher training course:-

Yoga for the Financially Disadvantaged Group  Projects – Visit

Online Community Classes Observation Projects

Free Online Class for the financially disadvantaged

Download the Andiappan Yoga Community app in the Google play store or Apple app store where the project updates are sent to you by push notifications.  Hence, please keep the push notification ON for the app.

Download the Andiappan Yoga community app and click the top left menu bar
Click the notification
















You can see the online class link updated in the notification. Remember to keep the notification on.














Online project class links are sent to the push notification and you can log in to attend observe the class and submit the form after attending the class.

Please check the yoga community website for any updates in the project class location(s) or timing(s) as they are subject to change from time to time.

DOs – Onsite Classes Observation

1. Visit the project location ten minutes before the class starting time and inform the AYC teaching volunteer that you are there to just observe the project.  Project location can be found in the google map on the project details page.
2. You can choose to attend the class as a student to experience the class if you wish.
3. You can interact with the students after the class to find out whether they enjoyed the class, and what they hope to achieve from these yoga classes.
4. You can take a photo of the class (please do not focus on any students’ or volunteers’ faces) and upload the photo in the class observation record form.

DO NOTs – Onsite Classes Observation

1. Please do not teach, assist, or adjust the students in the class.
2. You should not give any yoga advice or recommendation to the students present in the class.
3. Please do not ask for any personal particulars or details of any students or volunteers present in the class.
4. Please do not solicit the students, volunteers, or teachers for any other classes outside AYC.
5. Please do not take photos of students and post them in your personal social media account or share them with any unauthorised person outside of AYC.

If any YTT students are found not follow the above guidelines, they will be banned from attending any further observation classes, and will not be invited to volunteer in the Andiappan Yoga Community.  Depending on the severity of the incident,

The Course Director reserves the right to terminate you from the course immediately without any refund.

Please fill in the class observation form upon observing an AYC class and to upload the picture of the class you participated in.

Please note you may observe up to five classes during the course but a form must be filled in on the day of the observation itself.  Students who complete all five observation classes will obtain a separate certificate from the Andiappan Yoga Community which will list the projects observed at the end of the course.

If you have any questions about the above information wait for the teacher training course to start and ask the teachers directly about the above process for clarification during the class.  You can prepare to observe the community yoga projects from the start of the teacher training course until the assignment deadline date. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to observe and learn more about the teaching methods of yoga during the teacher training course.