Wailists for classes: how do they work?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF I AM ON THE ‘WAIT LIST’? and What do i need to do if I see “Unconfirmed”? 

If you are on the wait list, getting into the class is dependent upon someone else currently signed up dropping the class or failing to show up. If you are #1 or #2 on the waitlist, be sure to monitor your email up to 3 hours prior to class for an update on slots opening up due to late cancellations. 

If it is almost class time and you are still on the waitlist, feel free to swing by just before class and you may be able to get into the class if the reserved student is no show. If you come more than 5 mins late you will not be allowed entry to the class and your credit will not be reversed.

With the wait list, we email or text you as soon as you are off the wait list – if you are subscribed to email or text notifications.

 If you are not opted into emails and you list yourself on a waitlist it is your responsibility to monitor your class schedule either through your mindbody online account or the Mindbody app. 

Once you are in a class and off the wait list it shows the class in “My Classes” rather than “My Waitlists.”

If you are no longer interested in taking the class if a spot opens up, please remove yourself from the waitlist 3hrs before the class via the online system or the app so that you are not added to the class. If you do not and are added to the class you are responsible for adhering to the late cancel/no show policy.

Note – that when you receive the email notification it will say ‘From wait list Unconfirmed.’ This means that you have a spot in the class. Do not worry about the unconfirmed status near the class name in MB app as you are still reserved a spot in the class.  You don’t have to confirm.