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1st time YTT student of anahata yoga. How to get started?

I am new to Anahata Yoga and am enrolled in your teacher training program for the first time. How do I begin attending my group classes and Andiappan Yoga classes?

Thanks for joining our teacher training program. Welcome to Anahata Yoga. Please search your email inbox that we sent from Mindbody’s booking system. Once you have created your Mindbody account with that email, you will see the details of the teacher training in your account detail page.  

The Mindbody app can be downloaded to your phone device and you can search for Anahata Yoga. Once you register your account, you can book recommended group and andiappan yoga classes instantly.

Teacher Trainnig Classes: YTT classes are pre booked and will begin on the YTT start date. You will receive a reminder about the YTT classes and a separate invitation to access the student portal to access YTT documents. 

Group and Andiappan Yoga Classes: You can book YTT Recommended Group classes and Andiappan Yoga classes via the mind body booking system 3 days in advance.

If you have not received this Mindbody account creation welcome email, please contact the studio at 29051822 and press 3. One of the front desk staff will assist and resend it to you.

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