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How to book group and andiappan yoga classes?

How do I book the recommended Group Classes and Andiappan Yoga classes I see in my Mind Body account? 

Our schedule page on our website https://www.anahatayoga.com.hk/schedule/ can be used to book these classes or via the mindbody app.

Group classes are any one hour classes you see in our schedule page except classes with the name AYC classes and Kid Yoga Classes .

From the next day after the admission confirmation, you can begin taking group classes as part of your teacher training. You will receive a recommended group class list by email which you can refer to in order to book classes. Nevertheless, you can book any group classes listed on our group class schedule page and attend them. 

Additionally, Andiappan Yoga classes are also recommended classes for your teacher training, and you can book and attend them whenever it is convenient for you.

As a teacher training student you can book Andiappan Yoga and Andiappan Yoga (YTT) classes  you see in our schedule page. Regular package members can only attend Andiappan Yoga classes, but YTT students can book both.

Class Booking is open from 9 am – 11: 55pm and you can book the class 3 days in advance. You can also  check the validity of these  group and Andiappan Yoga classes in the Mind Body account details.

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